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The Rustic and the Modern Coexist in Perfect Harmony in this Wonderful Remodeling Located in China

By • Oct 19, 2017

This 100-year-old home is located in Mogan Shan, Deqing, Huzhou, China, on a beautiful mountain. As a result of years of deterioration, the wooden internal structure had fallen apart and the dual-leveled construction was in serious danger of collapsing completely. The client initially wanted to demolish the entire existing building and construct a new concrete house. But considering that it was one of the few old houses left in the town, it was a window to the past and a treasure that had to be preserved at all costs.

In 2015, the architectural firm SU Architects, with professionals Keyuan Ma, Shaoxun Guo, Jiachen Xie, and Ming Tang, began the transformation of these 400 square meters of space to make it into what is nowadays a mixture of demolition against preservation.

Existing tamped ground walls and structures are kept in good condition, and are fully displayed in the interior space. Then there’s the stone and wood used in its construction. These two materials reflect a wonderful taste for a rustic style that emanates warmth, and that same warmth fills each one of the interior spaces of this beautiful remodeling, creating an amazing, cozy atmosphere in a place where it is pleasant to spend time with family and friends.

Exterior view of the old building located on a mountain
Interior of the living room with modern furniture and wooden beams crossing the ceiling
Bedroom with glass walls
Night view of the exterior where we can see the interior through the glass walls

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