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Hazel Baker Designs a Rustic Home on the slopes of the Franklin Mountains

By • May 10, 2017

Located on the slopes of the Franklin Mountains in Texas, USA, this wonderful residence was designed by the Tucson-based studio Hazel Baker. Rising 2,500 feet above the Rio Grande River Valley, it has adapted to the site’s undulating and steep topography, with the three-storey home maintaining a direct connection to the outside at each level.

The white-cream used on its exterior, perfectly combined with walls lined with beautiful stones, definitely give a warmer air to this modern construction.

Its arid exterior, of sparse vegetation and abundant rocky formations, has wonderful views of the mountains and the city.

The swimming pool area gives us wonderful moments to relax and, at the same time, connects us with the interior through the long glass doors placed alongside the house.

View of modern stone structure
Landscape views from the terraces
Pool area with glass doors to the interior
Pool area with glass doors to the interior
Glass doors in the room with wooden floors and walls

Its modern interior, full of light that seeps in through the multiple glass doors and windows that have been arranged throughout each of the various spaces, allows us to freely enjoy the outdoors even while inside.

Walls and floors in wood add warmth to the atmosphere and maintain the rustic style of the exterior.

Kitchen in wood and white with dining room in wood
Room with exterior view
Modern bathroom in wood and white

At night, the imposing construction stands out in the landscape thanks to the lights of its interior that flow out to the exterior.

Night view of the pool area

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