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A Scandinavian Style Apartment with a Special Touch of Coziness

By • May 5, 2017

The basis for Scandinavian style in theory is simple, but it’s more difficult in practice. The space must enjoy a good supply of natural light, and the interior design must be the height of chic without leading the home to lose that special touch of coziness that makes a home a home, usually done in neutral tones of white and gray, but with slight and strategically-placed touches of color to add a bit of liveliness to the space.

It is, in short, an art, and it is an art that the Taiwanese architectural firm Nordico has mastered to perfection.

The windows are wide open and clear, the light that flows in unobstructed by curtains or blinds, and the floor is done in a light-colored wood that easily reflects much of this light, as do the white walls, to create a general atmosphere of luminosity. The lines in the furnishings are a perfect mixture of angular chic and downy curves, with just enough accessories to make clear that this home is inhabited, but without overburdening the senses. Additionally, the inclusion of potted plants throughout the space serve to add a touch of organic spirit to the interior.

Small living room decorated in a Nordic style
Nordic living room with couches and details in gray and white
Small and informal dining room with white table and lightly-colored chairs
Study area with double desk
Study area with a bookshelf
View of the dining room-kitchen area from the study
Complete view of the living room-dining room-kitchen space, with a bedroom in the background.
Kitchen in white and gray tones with hanging plants
Interior of the small kitchen
View of the study-living room area from the kitchen
The living room, dining room, kitchen and study all share one common space

The same style flows into the bedrooms and bathrooms, continuing that mixture of comfort and chic into the home’s most private spaces.

Bedroom with accompanying balcony in white, gray, and black
Nocturnal view of the living room
View of the bedroom in the evening
View of the bedroom in the evening
Bathroom in black and white with colorful details
Modern bathroom with floor tiles

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