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This Selection of the Top 5 house in Montana, USA, Will Leave you Breathless

By Magaly Grosso


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These five wonderful mountain homes have something in common: all are located in the dramatic mountains and vast plains of Montana, United States. Each one has different characteristics than the others, but nevertheless they are all part of the residential architecture in the United States.

Wooden construction with lake views
Wonderful view of the construction surrounded by nature

Some have been built as a refuge for a couple with adult children with enough space to house the family on reunion days. Another for an art collector who wanted a home in a natural environment, and what’s more natural than being in the mountains, surrounded by the green and thick vegetation that characterizes them, with its lakes and large trees?

Interior fully clad in wood

The constructions have been raised adapting to the terrain and the characteristics of each one have been designed to be as low-impact as possible to the environment.

Singular exterior of wood
Detail of wooden walls

All have a common denominator and it’s the use of wood and glass walls. The wood, which somehow manages to fuse the structure with the environment that surrounds it and makes it a part of it, and the glass walls, because thanks to them we can look out and take in the beautiful sights.

Terrace with views covered in wood
Night view of the construction anchored in the mountain
Cottage surrounded by thick vegetation
Cozy and warm interior with views over the mountain
Black wooden structure on the hill
Black wooden cabin under the white snow
Wonderful views over the pine forest
Impressive structure of wood and stone
Modern black metal stairs
Side area with stone fireplace
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