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Studio Wood Turns a Shipping Container into a Stylish Home in New Delhi, India

By • Mar 9, 2017

This peculiar construction is located in New Delhi, Delhi, India, and was created by Studio Wood in 2016. It was constructed with steel panels refurbished from shipping containers. The yellow-colored steel panels match perfectly with the terrace chairs. Furthermore, they’re perfectly adapted to the structure, giving it a unique and unusual look.

Small terrace that connects to the interior. The steel panels stand out

A small garden is in the center, and serves as an escape from the main building, connected via glass doors in the living room. Off to one side, in a small garden entrance, there is a small, wooden swing – this is perfect for those much-needed breaks in our busy day-to-day lives.

Wooden swing

Inside, the gorgeous wooden floor calls to us. And it’s not just the floor; here, we’ll find a series of perfect combinations of décor that embellish the space. The wall, with a rough, industrial look of exposed white brick, serves as a backdrop to a stylish combination of decorative accessories. To the side, we have shelves in brown and black wood to further add to the décor options.

A modular sofa, resting against a gray, concrete wall, has been adorned with cushions in fun and vibrant prints. This set-up gives life to the space, and it’s further embellished by the natural light that comes in through the skylight.

Interior view of the living room. Wooden floors and wall that imitates an exposed white-brick look
Gray sofa rests against the concrete wall

At nighttime, artificially illuminated by lamps, the space is warm and welcoming.

Nocturnal view of the living room
Gorgeous night-time view of the small garden

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