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Santiago Berroti and Agustina Allende Posse of Interiores B.AP Transform a Shipping Container in Cordoba, Argentina

By • Mar 3, 2017

The Architects at B.AP, Santiago Berroti and Agustina Allende Posse, designed this sales gallery for a residence located in Cordoba, Argentina. The metal structure consists of two parallel walls made completely of glass, which allow the interior to receive light directly from both sides. In this way, the occupants can enjoy a pleasing view of the golf fields that border the home.

The doors located on each side of the glass walls lead us to two terraces, where chairs and benches have been placed in order to provide visitors with a moment of relaxation and rest.

Above the structure, two large trees offer shade to the open areas below, thus providing some relief from the intense heat.

Exterior view of the gallery beneath the two trees
2.) Diagonal view of the gallery. The rough terrain can be observed here.
Lateral view of the gallery. The golf fields occupy the background
Entrance to the gallery with glass doors on both sides.

Inside, the elongated space, donning wood floors and walls, is separated into two areas. One of these is the waiting room, where two chairs and a small wood table with a rustic style accompany a colorful carpet. On the other side, the space is occupied by a wood table surrounded by wicker chairs, an ensemble which allows visitors to come together comfortably. Both sections are well lit by the line of lights that stretch from one side of the ceiling to the other.

Interior of the gallery at the waiting area, with chairs and rustic tables
View of the dining table
View of the exterior from the inside of the gallery

A small kitchen with its own bathroom completes the space provided by this gallery

Small kitchen with wicker baskets for storage

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