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Slovakian Mountain Hut by Matika Architecture Provides Thoroughly Wooden Experience Both Inside And Out

By • Jan 2, 2019

Nestles at the foot of the Mala Fatra Mountains, deep if Slovakia, the Mountain Hut by Matika Architecture is a conetmporary cabin that was specifically design to embrace, blend into, and pay homage to its natural habitat.

Although the cabin is quite modern in its shape and structure, it suits its spot nestled amongst the pine trees, next to a small creek, rather well. This is because the home was conceptualized with nature in mind right from the beginning. It’s a cabin that spans 1130 square feet and it’s made almost entirely from organic materials like pure wood, stone, and glass. This helps it blend into its environment more than just visually.

On the ground floor, guests encounter an open-concept area that features a cozy living room, a sizeable kitchen, and a master suite. To one side, a large storage area makes the perfect home for outdoor recreational equipment, like sports supplies or snow shoes for the winter.

Throughout the cabin, floor to ceiling windows are strategically placed to harness as much natural light as possible. Perhaps the most impressive view is through those found in the living room’s south facing wall. Here, a nearly panoramic view of the property and surrounding forest can be taken in. This window also vastly reduces the need for artificial lighting on the ground floor.

One of the most notable features of the first floor social area is the fireplace. This is made from a stunning stone facade and features its own bench just adjacent. Besides heating the home well from the middle when the winter days get cold, the chimney of this fireplace also warms well water along with the regular heat pump, ensuring ample shower time for all guests.

The lovely blonde wood exterior that you see before you enter the house continues in a stunningly consistent way that’s so pervasive it’s nearly artistic. the floors, walls, and ceiling all feature the same lovely polished wooden finish, giving the whole cabin a peaceful colour scheme that’s neutral and earthy, just like the woods outside its walls.

On the second floor, you’ll find two guest bedrooms and a bathroom. In each cozy bedroom, the window sills double as lovely little nooks where guests can read a book or simply soak in the stunning woodland view. If they prefer to sleep in, the windows can be sealed off by folding wooden shutters that, from the outside, made the already smooth wooden facade look absolutely seamless thanks to the way this sit once they’ve been shut.

Also on the second floor is a large deck with another fantastic property wide view. Here, the cabin features a green roof that has been angled to mirror the natural slope of the plot’s terrain.

Photographs by Matika Architecture

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