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Small House with Multiple Functions that Make the Space More Practical and Functional

The prices of housing in Hong Kong are usually the highest in the world, but still this couple wanted to live in the central district of the city, and to achieve this dream, they hired the architectural firm LAAB.

Small space with sofa and kitchen that turns into a bedroom and TV area
Kitchen space converted into a TV area

To realize its ambitious plans, LAAB had to reconsider the traditional notions of residential life. They considered time as a factor, eventually designing space around a philosophy based on spaces that open and close depending on the particular time.

Comfortable TV area to enjoy with the family

Incredibly, this space can take a number of different forms: a traditional bathroom with a bathtub; a separate bathroom for a guest to shower while the host brushes his teeth (or vice versa); seats that create a two-level home cinema or an area for large groups of friends; and a guest bedroom for short stays. These configurations can also be combined, allowing for a home theater experience while in the bathroom, or a movie for the host and guests while they are both in bed. According to the architects, achieving this degree of flexibility required more than 30 iterations of design and large amounts of experimentation.

A range of smart home technologies controlled by the application has also been implemented. For example, Philips bulbs slowly light up the rooms in the morning, thus providing residents with a gentle awakening.

Modern and functional kitchen
Sofa area converted into a small dining room
Exercise area
Lounge-TV area converted into a comfortable room
Bathroom with space designed for the family cat

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