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Small Mobile Cabin that will Allow you to Live Wherever you Decide

By Magaly Grosso


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Escape One XL is a project a small wooden cabin on wheels that covers 36 square meters of space, or approximately 400 square feet, distributed on two levels. Inside, a ceiling 11 feet high (3.4 meters) covers the total area. Two open spaces are located at both ends, which are accessed by small stairs located there and are linked by a thin shelf above the main door.

Comfortable interior full of natural light

The interior is completely clad with wood and has large windows that allow a large amount of natural light to enter the interior.Optional features include French doors, built-in beds, flat-screen TVs, stone countertops, USB outlets, and external showers.The closet space and the drawers are integrated into the staircase to maximize the usable area. The bathroom has a 60-inch bath / shower, a vanity, and a toilet.

Functional wooden kitchen

Escape One XL is easily transported through its own trailer and is manufactured with high efficiency insulation and climate control options that allow it to withstand extreme heat or cold.This mobile home is being offered in the market at a cost of $ 69,800 (£ 54,500). Being classified as a recreational vehicle, it does not require foundations or incur property taxes.

View of the interior from the room
Interior completely covered in wood
External view of the log cabin
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