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Small Module built in the Interior of an Old Barn with Wonderful views of the Myrkdalen Valley in Norway

By • Nov 21, 2017

This villa is located in a dream setting in Myrkdalen, a ski resort in Norway, with spectacular views over the valley. It was remodeled in 2016, as it had been abandoned for a long period of time. As such, it had fallen into disrepair and had deteriorated due to the passage of time.

View of the small module with the snowy mountains in the background
Exterior of the cabin on the snow
Wooden cabin interior with view to the mountains

The firm OPA Form was in charge of the remodeling work, carried out by Marina Bauer and Espen Folgerø, who managed to create a new world in a space of only 25 square meters. The result is a small module inside the old granary that provides all the comfort that may be needed to sleep well, a refuge that lovers of the sky, nature, and mountains will enjoy to the maximum.

Circular entrance to the small module inside the barn

It is a small space completely covered in wood, warm and welcoming, and from where guests can enjoy the wonderful and unforgettable views that the snowy mountains provide. Without a doubt, a unique spectacle.

Circular door, open

Seen from the outside, there are only small signs of transformation. Once inside the stable, we find an authentic interior with rough surfaces, a space formerly used to house cattle. However, through the space we can see the new addition with a circular entrance. It is a space designed to offer guests a stay filled with comfort and relaxation, something that they will certainly appreciate.

Remodeled interior space, made of light wood
Circular entrance door
Circular door details
Outside views at night
Night view

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