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Spacious Home in Rye, New York remodeled by Joeb Moore & Partners

By • Mar 23, 2017

There are houses that, by their design, make us feel a certain affinity, something like, “I could live there,” not because they are luxurious but because of what they transmit. And when I look at this house, I definitely think, “I could live there.” Its warm and familiar atmosphere is inviting, and makes us really feel that we are “at home.”

This beautiful and spacious 4,815-square-foot home, located in Rye, New York, United States, was remodeled by Joeb Moore & Partners in 2014.

Its exterior is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Main entrance
Rear view of the house. Terrace with wooden floor and outdoor furniture
Rear entrance to the kitchen

Inside, we find a living room with white walls and beautiful wooden floors, as well as a spectacular fireplace built in stone, which definitely gives a touch of warmth to the space.

Open spaces and large windows that allow daylight to filter through help create clarity and make the space feel luminous.

Simple and elegant living room with stone fireplace
Annex to the living room with hammock and rug

The kitchen, in natural wood and white countertops, is accompanied by a beautiful breakfast nook in the same tones. The entire space shows simplicity and good taste.

Breakfast nook in natural wood and white
Comfortable kitchen with white countertop and wood cabinets

This same color combination is kept in the dining room – natural wood and white. A beautiful thick wooden table is surrounded by chairs with white fabric. A very well-lit space and where, once again, the focal point is exquisite taste.

Dining room with table in thick wood and chairs in white textile

The wooden stairs go up, accompanied by a stone-covered wall and a glass window through which natural light enters and illuminates the space.

Wooden stairs and stone wall

The bedrooms look comfortable, inviting us to relax and rest.

Master bedroom, with a rug and a small chair. Glass doors with access to the terrace
Bedroom with bunk bed
Studio area with desk and shelves

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