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A Spectacular Church in Breederiver Valley, South Africa

By Magaly Grosso


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This wonderful building, located in Breederiver Valley, Witzenberg Municipality, South Africa, was designed by Steyn Studio in 2016. It is a church and covers an area of 430 square meters. Its dynamic external structure, which simulates the lines of the surrounding mountains, is really impressive and creates a particularly special backdrop against which to meditate.

In between the waves that make up the church, the interior is walled off by glass, in this way allowing it to be appreciated from the outside. Additionally, we’re given the possibility of enjoying the stunning views of the imposing and impressive mountains that surround the building from its interior.

The beautiful outlines that form the church’s silhouette look like brushstrokes made on the mountains in the dim light of sunset.

When the light of the interior seeps outwards, it creates a wonderful contrast between the landscape and the solemn and grandiose reflection of the building upon the adjacent pool. An air of peace, silence, and tranquility is present in the property, and the church seems to float in the sky. It is, without a doubt, a spectacle worthy of contemplation and admiration.

View of the silhouette of the church
The wonderful views of the church

Inside, simplicity accentuates even more the harmony and stillness that flows in the atmosphere and that fills every corner.

Definitely the perfect place to meditate while surrounded by the immensity of the space that surrounds us and makes us realize that we are only a small grain of sand in the universe.

Interior from where you can see the mountains in the distance under the rays of sunlight

Entrance of glass doors with view to the far end

Spectacular view of the church when night falls

The image of the church reflected in the water with the mountains in the background

Spectacular view of the church when night falls

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