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Spectacular Concrete House Surrounded by Fields and Vegetation

By Magaly Grosso


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This concrete home has been designed by Luciano Kruk, and is located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Casa Mach — as the property is called — covers a total ground area of 1,528 square feet (or 142 square meters), and has a reflection pool along its front end.

Front of the concrete house with line of windows
Front view of the house with water fountain

Pine planks were used for the formwork of the concrete walls, and as they left an imprint on their surface once the material dried, the result is a rough, wood like texture. This practice is typical of Luciano Kruk’s work, who often designs concrete homes such as this in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and other Argentinian cities.

Diagonal view of the house with its concrete walls
Detail of the fountain that adorns the main entrance

As requested by the client, an inner courtyard sits at the heart of the home, allowing for greater ventilation and a closer relationship with the exterior. A smaller reflecting pool sits in this courtyard, framed by some greenery that brings a subtle sense of vibrancy into the space.

Rear garden terrace with concrete roof
Pool area with terrace
Main entrance with concrete tiles
Exterior view

nternal garden surrounded by glass wall
Modern lounge area with glass and concrete walls
Modern kitchen in concrete and black
Large kitchen with concrete island

The kitchen and living room exist in an open space, allowing for easy communication between them. Clear glass doors line the walls, and open out onto a terrace that looks out to the swimming pool and garden.

The use of concrete makes it so that the interior of the home is kept cool at all times, which helps with temperature control and energy preservation.

Concrete island and black metal chair

Room with glass wallsof the concrete house
Spectacular exterior view of the concrete house
Exterior night view
Exterior night view of the pool area
View of the interior from the outside

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