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Spectacular House in the Hills of the Island of Mallorca, Overlooking the Sea

By Magaly Grosso


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Located on the top of a hill of the famous island of Mallorca, belonging to the Balearic archipelago, in Spain, this house offers unique views of the wonderful natural landscape and the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

View of the house at the top of the hill

The program defined by the client required maximizing 360º panoramic views whilst also maintaining privacy. Was it possible to expose the house to the views and maintain privacy? Architecture firm GRAS architects, hand in hand with its professionals Guillermo Reynés and Álvaro Pérez, sought to find out, and went to work in order to fulfill the express wishes of the client. That is why its strategy to place the house as far away from the main road as possible incorporated a dramatic overhang of more than seven meters. This gives the illusion that the house seems to “fly” off the mountain.

View of the modern construction with terrace and pool
Terrace and pool with wonderful views over the island

It has an extensive area of ​​1000 square meters, in which it is organized in a simple but effective way. The access of the house is through a square in the back, a Mediterranean square paved with local stone and filled with native vegetation.

The building hides the panoramic views to cause a surprise effect to the user. Upon entering, you immediately open the whole house to the breathtaking views, where you can observe the entire valley and the Mediterranean Sea. There are no borders between the inside and out, since everything is organized into a large, open room. The pool with the “infinity” effect brings the sea closer to the house.

Area with glass walls and sea views
Modern kitchen in white filled with natural light
Wooden terrace with spectacular views
Magnificent entrance with stone walls
View of the elegant and modern construction
Construction with stone walls
Construction with stone walls

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