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A Spot With Stunning Views Over the City

By Magaly Grosso


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The most important point, or the highlight, of this loft is, without a doubt, the wonderful views it has over the city. The space, completely encased by glass walls, has a 360-degree view over the city – views that can be enjoyed from each of the rooms, and that ultimately are an immense added value that this apartment gets to enjoy.

The living room is furnished with soft sofas that are strategically placed so that we can enjoy the wonderful scenery while comfortably seated and spending time with friends. A thick rug set on the floor grants the room a touch of color.

Living room with beautiful views of the city
Dining room with white marble table and black chairs, with views

The dining room consists of a modern white table with a marble top and black leather chairs. It not only allows us to enjoy the views while we dine, but, at night, the space is filled with magic as the lights from the city come to life, granting us a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. It is a luxury to be able to enjoy a place with such views.


Bedroom with a round bed and city views

The bedroom does not lag behind. There, from a circular bed, the views take us away and make us lose track of time.

A beautiful sunset full of soft colors dyes the space, and wraps it in an aura of romanticism.

Bedroom with a round bed and city views
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  1. Lots of mentions of ‘the city’… but you don’t say which one! (Though I’m guessing from all the Guinness branding and objects like the harp and toucan, it’s Dublin)


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