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Structure Decorated with Exotic Native Plants in Vietnam

By Magaly Grosso


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The Modern Village Office is a project completed by Ho Khue Architects, a Vietnamese architectural firm based in Da Nang City. The building itself is located in An Hải Bắc Ward, which is part of the Son Trà district of Da Nang City, Vietnam, and was completed in 2016. The property covers a total ground area of 350 square meters.

Structure full of hanging plants
Detailed view of the building and its hanging plants

The structure seeks to combine the, sometimes distant, roots of so many of the dwellers of Da Nang City, which lie in the countryside, with the more modern side of the city. As such, it finds inspiration in the cement rooves, low brick walls, and bamboo structures of the country and mixes it with more urban traditions, seeking to create something that is entirely new and which breaks from the monotony of everyday life.

Walls with perforated bricks

The lot originally held old houses, white pampas grass, native bamboo shrubs, and plants that were able to survive without any human aid. What Ho Khue Architects has sought to create is a place where the old feeling of the village can blend in with a state of the art modern office. Banana trees, yellow brushes, and other native plants have been placed into the office, which helps the office feel both cozy and vibrant. Decorative concrete slabs in the southwest exposure help keep the interior cool and well ventilated.

Interior of the meeting area
Interior details full of bamboo
Stairs lined with green plants
Stairs with skylight
Stairs with painted brick walls
Meeting area with garden
Night view of the interior
Night view of the exterior of the building
Side night view

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