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Summer Thornton Design Creates a Stunning Private Residence in Lincoln Park, California

By Magaly Grosso


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This two-story, 5,500 square feet townhouse is located in the heart of Lincoln Park, California, USA and was designed by Summer Thornton Design. From the moment we enter, we perceive that touch of good taste and elegance that defines each space and that is present in each of the bedrooms. If we wanted to define it in a single word, that word could be, “Sophisticated.”


Main entrance, full of light and elegant décor
Elegant living room with furniture combination
Living room with white sofa and caramel brown leather armchairs

To further explore the home, we can say that it is a very traditional and luxurious house, one that its owners wanted to transform into a more modern home. Summer Thornton managed to design a unique space for which they created, as a starting point, a whitened environment, where even the floors were bleached to bring light and a fresher air to the house.

For Summer Thornton, it was an exciting challenge. However, they managed to reach the set goal, so that the owners could tell through the décor their own history, create in the best possible way the setting they imagined, and thus have a modern space that makes them feel as if they are right at home.

The décor, infused with modern pieces and a mixture of natural fibers and organic textures, is mainly based on a palette of soft tones that, with the help of a few details in brighter colors, highlights and gives a youthful energy to each one of the rooms.

Elegant kitchen in white furniture and white marble countertop
Modern dining room with chairs and lime carpet
Master bedroom with balcony and sitting area
Bed with background mirror

Bathroom, wall decorated with wallpaper
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