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Okasana Dolgopiatova of vo7 Designs a Stylish Upscale Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

By • Dec 13, 2017

This upscale apartment, located in Kiev, Ukraine, has a stylistic richness that is striking at first sight. The home has an open plan and high ceilings, giving the space a vastness that is welcome, and which allows it to take advantage of the abundant natural light that filters in through the windows. Even then, the designer responsible for the project, Oksana Dolgopiatova from the architectural firm vo7, does not make the mistake of overbearing the space with decorative accessories simply because she can. Instead, she finds the perfect balance between simplicity and the addition of accessories to give the home character and personality.

Entrance hallway with red walls
Elegant living room-dining room space

She does this mainly by blending neutral colors – the white of the walls, the light wood of the floors – with more vibrant touches – the red patterned cushions and rug, the blue and red of the walls – to create a dialogue between the different elements of the home.

Living room-dining room with glass walls that separates it from the kitchen
Modern dining room with leather chairs
Living room with comfortable gray couch
Beautiful view of the kitchen from the living room-dining room area
Kitchen in white with an electric blue

In the bedroom, however, she takes a different route. While she still creates a contrast between tones, here the contrast is more between light and dark than between vibrant and neutral. This serves to create an aura of peace and tranquility, something that we surely all wish to have in the place where we sleep. Inviting, isn’t it?

Luminous bedroom in gray, white, and black
Wall near the bed in black
Bathroom with tub in white, blue, and black tones
Bathroom with modern accessories
Small decorated bathroom
Study in blue, red, white, and beige tones
Study with electric blue walls

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