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Brick Floors

Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #21 (Bailey House) Goes on the Market

By • Feb 24, 2017

Case Study House #21 (Bailey House) by Pierre Koenig (8)


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Kirkwood McCarthy Remodel a 2-Bedroom Residence in London

By • Oct 29, 2016

Winkley Workshop by Kirkwood McCarthy (6)

Winkley Workshop is a private home located in London, England.

It was designed by Kirkwood McCarthy in 2015.


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Studio Agnello & Associati Design a Private Residence in Rome, Italy

By • Jul 30, 2016

Casa al Centro di Roma by Studio Agnello & Associati (11)

Casa al Centro di Roma is a residential project completed by the Palermo-based firm Studio Agnello & Associati.

The home is located in Rome, Italy.


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Austin Maynard Architects Design a Spacious and Playful Home in Melbourne

By • Apr 24, 2016

Mills by Austin Maynard Architects (4)

Mills is a private residence located in Melbourne, Australia.

Designed by Austin Maynard Architects, it was completed in 2015.


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MODO Create an Extension for an Existing Home in Hawthorn, Australia

By • Mar 13, 2016

Tunnel House by MODO (2)

Tunnel House is a home located in Hawthorn, Australia.

It was designed in 2015 by MODO.


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A Charming Private Residence in Tavira, Portugal

By • Jan 30, 2016

Pensão Agricola by Atelier Rua (11)

Pensão Agricola is a project completed by Atelier Rua.

It is located in Tavira, Portugal.


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Refuge by Wim Goes Architectuur

By • Sep 26, 2015

Refuge by Wim Goes Architectuur (2)

Refuge is an idyllic private residence located in Flanders, Belgium.

Completed in 2008, it was designed by Wim Goes Architectuur.


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ZEB Pilot House by Snøhetta

By • Mar 21, 2015 •  Selected Work 

ZEB Pilot House by Snøhetta (13)

ZEB Pilot House is a project completed by Snøhetta.

The home is located in Larvik, Norway, and covers an area of 2,153 square feet.


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Kilburn Lane

By • Feb 18, 2014

Kilburn Lane is a home located in London, England, UK.

It has a vibrant interior that mixes rustic elements with more contemporary ones, creating a unique atmosphere.


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Fitch Bay Cabin

By • Feb 16, 2014

Fitch Bay Cabin is the private residence of photographer Jean Longpré and Rosalie Clermont, and it is located in Fitch Bay, a small town in Quebec, Canada.

The home’s interior mixes a rustic feel with more modern elements, making it feel elegant and cozy at the same time.


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“La Lagartija” House and Bungalows by Alexandro Velázquez Moreno

By • Oct 12, 2013

“La Lagartija” House and Bungalows was designed by Alexandro Velázquez Moreno, and it is located in Valle de Bravo, México.

The home is spacious and open, constructed out of materials in earthy colors and textures.


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