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Concrete Walls

Apartment in Brazil with a Scandinavian Feel

By • Mar 2, 2018

Apartment with Partitions is a project completed by the Sao Paulo-based architectural firm  Casa100 Arquitetura in 2016. The home itself is located in Vila Mariana, a dynamic borough of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, located to the south of Bela Vista and Liberdade, east of Jardim Paulista and west of Ipiranga. The home covers a total ground area of 65 square meters.

Balcony area with wooden floors
Balcony with relaxation area

The clients wished for this home to have a Scandinavian feel, and so they asked Casa100 Arquitetura to focus on creating a minimalist interior design. In order to achieve this, the color palette was kept within a limited range, and the furnishings chosen are sparse, allowing the architecture to speak for itself.

Living room-kitchen in gray tones
Kitchen shelf detail
/ Kitchen countertop in concrete
Modern kitchen with wooden shelves
Kitchen in gray and white
Living room-kitchen connected to the balcony
Beautiful concrete walls

Originally, the apartment had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The resulting floor plan consists of a much larger master suite, with a spacious closet where the second bedroom was originally located. The bathroom saw the two shower cabins fused into a larger one, while the smaller bathroom was converted into a restroom. The open kitchen was given a counter, which doubles as a dining space, and which looks out onto the living room.

The interior décor is done mostly in pale shades of gray, white, and wooden surfaces. Plants and patterned surfaces, such as the rug that decorates the living room floor, serve to add touches of vibrancy to the space.

Closet in wood
Casual bedroom in Scandinavian style
Details in gray of the bedroom
Bedroom with bathroom
Bathroom in gray and brown
Modern bathroom
Details of the bathroom with circular mirror
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An Old Church Converted into a Family Home

By • Mar 2, 2018

Nowadays, this magnificent construction of an old church is a family home, and it couldn’t be more amazing. It is located on a hillside and has two levels which have been designed to incorporate the element of subtropical design, thus emphasizing a connection with the natural context and the site.

Facade of the old church next to the new construction
Modern and elegant construction

It is located in a suburb of Brisbane in Norman Park, Australia, has an area of 609 square meters and has been redesigned by the architectural firm DAHA by the hand of David Hansford in 2017. The extension of this house is a balanced adaptation of an existing church in a unique family home. The extension creates a continuity of the existing church through different materials, creating a balance between the old and the new.

Area that connects both constructions
Garden with pool and green areas
Rear garden connected to the interior
Detail of the area that connects both
Construction with concrete walls
Terrace with wonderful views over the city

The project responds to the unique conditions of the site, including natural ones as well as those related to its construction. The large portion of elevated terrain in which it is located provides you with wonderful views of the city. The prominent church, built in 1924, is in a central position and needed to become part of the family home.
The use of gaps and bridges promotes interaction and social connections between levels. The design of the extension generates social centers, as well as private retreats, creating a home that can grow with the family in the coming years.

Entrance to the interior of the old church
Modern living room with glass walls and views
Stairs in wood
Modern reading area
Kitchen with island in polished concrete and brick wall
Details of the sober kitchen
Dining room in gray and black tones
Modern dining room with concrete walls
Modern stairs with concrete walls
Detail of the steel railings
Bathroom with black and white details
Wonderful playground in the old church
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A Very Authentic House with Its Own Expression

By • Feb 28, 2018

Located in the city of Xalapa Enríquez, in Jalapa, Mexico, this project, which covers a total ground area of 200 square meters, intended to achieve a contemporary design while maintaining its local roots, preserving the identity of the city in which it is located. The design was created by the architectural firm BCA Taller de Diseño in the year 2017.

Main entrance with red brick wall
Living room in a simple and current style

The architectural firm’s design for this project pivoted around three separate points: architecture, interior design, and lighting design. A simple composition of pure volumes gives rise to the main body, creating both public and private spaces. The selection of materials was a key factor in the realization of this project (enclosure stone, natural oak wood, visible concrete, and half red clay), and underlines the architecture of this house, which is distinguished by its authenticity and its own expression.

Dining room and kitchen in a combination of wood and black
Wooden furniture space separator

The methodology is based on generating the design from within, giving greater weight to a more human experience. The areas, despite having different uses, are part of the same volume. This was achieved on the first floor, for example, by removing the walls and adding specially designed furniture that ordered and separated the spaces. The furniture was made with local craftsmen and companies from Xalapa.

Stairs in wood and black metal
Modern and elegant bathroom in wood
Night view of the main entrance
Later night view
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Remodeling a Small Apartment to add Visual Amplitude

By • Feb 27, 2018

This project consists of the renovation of an apartment located on the 18th floor of a building in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which dates back to 1950 and was built by the architect Artacho Jurado. The remodeling was carried out in 2016 by the architectural firm Vão, and covers a total ground area of 56 square meters.

Lounge area with access to a small terrace

The apartment offers a privileged view of the city center from its terrace. The demolition of all the internal walls of the original plan was, therefore, an intentional action in order to allow the cityscape and natural light, framed by the original wooden frames, to flow into the space.

Living room, kitchen, and dining room sharing a space

To increase the feeling of spaciousness within the 46 square meters of internal area, the division between environments was done through a piece of furniture that hangs suspended above the green floor that covers the entire department. The volume of wood in the middle of the plan opens to both the living room and the bedroom, and has a double function: while one side is a closet for books and electronics, the other serves as storage for clothing. The functionality of the concrete countertop also helped in the organization and to gain space, because it integrates laundry utensils, kitchen, and bathroom, separated from them by a mirror suspended on the countertop.

Aerial storage area
Aerial storage area
Wooden kitchen with a concrete countertop
Kitchen with a concrete ceiling
Complete view of the small apartment and its environments
Interior of the room with glass wall that connects to the bathroom
Interior of the bathroom with glass partitions
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Modern Concrete and Glass Structure in the City of Valencia, Spain

By • Feb 26, 2018

Located in Godella, a municipality of the Valencian Community in Spain, this spectacular and modern concrete structure, in which its walls of stone and glass stand out, delights the senses with its imposing design, which contrasts with the blue sky, almost always present in the area where it is located.

View of the pool area with terraces

It was designed by the architectural firm Perretta Arquitectura under the leadership of the architects Julio Gómez-Perretta de Mateo, Marco Busca, Maria Dolores Bernal, Amparo Morant, Paula Zafra, Antonio Orero and Jorge Espí in 2017 and has an area of 600 square meters on a plot of more than 2000 square meters.

Wonderful terrace area with pool
Detail of the concrete structure
Internal garden with stone and glass walls
Internal garden

It has two structures, one in the form of an “I” and the second in the form of an “L.” Both figures are joined by a volume of bridge that includes the entrance hall and the staircase on the ground floor, as well as a study area for children on the first floor.

The structure designed in the shape of “L” has the living room and the kitchen, which moves from the rest of the rooms and joins directly to the garden, connected to the covered terraces, the barbecue, and the pool.

The structure in the shape of “I” contains the evening area, with the suite in the ground floor, three bedrooms on the upper floor, and the guest room.

Terrace with wooden floors
Interior in modern style
Modern living room full of natural light
Modern and minimalist kitchen-dining area
Elegant and modern dining room
Wooden stairs and modern railing
Large room with integrated bathroom
Night view of the terrace and the pool
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Modern and Spacious House Located on a Hill in Guanajuato, Mexico

By • Feb 23, 2018

This modern and spacious 500 square meter building is located on a hill in San Miguel de Allende, in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico. Its design, carried out in the year 2012, was a project undertaken by architectural studio Estudio Manuel Peredo and the architects Juan Carlos de La Riva, Luis Carbonell, and Mariano Maldonado.

Beautiful gardens perfectly cared for
View of the house on slopes with stone wall

The concept of the house was to achieve a complete architectural program for the main user, prioritizing common areas, terraces, and garden views. The composition of the project is determined by the natural unevenness of the land. This was respected, and thus, the house was built in 3 separate levels, determined by the original topography. The highest level includes the service area and driveway.

Beautiful gardens with exotic plants
View of the house on slopes
Construction of white and stone walls
Modern main entrance

The next level is located in the middle level of the land where the main bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, half guest bathroom were located; terrace and pool. In the last level there are two guest rooms, a private terrace and bathroom / changing room.
The architecture seeks the integration of the construction to the desert context of the surrounding area, while the garden, through the irrigation system and chosen species, contrasts dramatically with the arid conditions, achieving the formation of a microclimate that makes the joint project an oasis.

Main entrance with glass walls
Stone garden with high walls
Walk with wooden slats and stones
Views of the landscape from the terrace
Internal view with cactus garden
Cactus garden over water source
Modern living room with wooden floors
Spectacular raw wood table
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Spectacular House with Wide Open Spaces

By • Feb 23, 2018

This project of glass walls and wide open spaces overlooking the lake of Valle de Bravo was designed in 2017 by the architecture firm grupoarquitectura in the city of Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The volumes are spacious, with gardens and terraces facing in all directions to capture as much sunlight as possible. Aluminum parasols and shaded outdoor seating areas were also included. All floors on the top floor are oak, whereas the interior spaces of the public areas are concrete and the terraces with the pool are marble.

View of the spectacular garden and the glass wall that connects to the house
Pool area with outdoor furniture
Glass-material upper stairs

In terms of temperature, the house is very comfortable since it has an optimal orientation for all spaces and all the windows are Low-E.

It also has a system for recycling wastewater for irrigation and a system of several latest generation filters for water purification.

For water heating and electricity generation, it has 2 solar panel systems that fulfill both functions, making the house completely sustainable.

All the electrical systems of the house are automated, including lighting, audio, video, security, heating, blinds, etc., which also contributes to the economy of natural resources.

Spacious interior of concrete walls and wooden ceilings
Living room area-dining room and kitchen sharing space and in harmony
Stairs with glass railings
Spacious and modern room with concrete walls
View of the back garden at night hours
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Offices with a Marked Industrial Touch

By • Feb 20, 2018

Setter Architects, a Tel Aviv based architectural firm, have designed these offices for Palo Alto Networks, a company involved in developing cyber defense solutions, in 2016. The site is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, on the 24th floor of a multi-storey office tower complex, and covers a total ground area of 3,000 square feet.

Rest area with cork edges

It is surrounded by an eclectic mixture of buildings in the downtown of the Israeli capital, with historical structures, such as painting workshops, artists’ studios, and restaurants, mingling alongside more modern buildings housing high tech companies.

Rest area with wooden walls
Office area with concrete walls and industrial decoration

The interior is a decorative expression of this culturally eclectic environment, as it mixes textures and patterns that are more traditional and places them beside more modern materials, creating a style that is unique and refreshing. In order to do this, Setter Architects repurposed much of what was already on site. For example, steel window profiles and garage doors became open space partitions, in order to sub-divide the internal space that felt more natural and facilitated circulation without sacrificing privacy. Other examples of the same concept include exposed brick blocks which were used as an interior wall in a conference room, and paint buckets from painting workshops that were used as distinct and curious wall decorations.

Office área with industrial style
Details of marks on the concrete floor
/ Meeting Office with view towards the city
Office área with glass walls
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Offices Provide Employees with a Lively Working Environment

By • Feb 12, 2018

This Corporate Office for Team Thai was designed by Tony Joseph, George Seemon, Anupama, Priya Pillai, and Ankita of STAPATI in 2015. The offices are located in Kozhikode, Kerala, in India, and cover a total ground area of nearly 30,000 square feet. The functional areas of the building rise high above the ground, leaving the ground floor free as a multifunctional space. This allows the landscape to move inwards and outwards, making the internal environment cozy and full of energy.

Front view of the entrance of the office building
Office building surrounded by gardens

The front facade of the building is designed with an interesting trellis pattern to defend against the harsh sun, while at the same time allowing great ventilation in the internal spaces.

Main entrance of the modern building
Green gardens surround the building area

Among the materials and elements used in this construction, we will find polished concrete floors, concrete partitions, and an exposed concrete roof, which contrasts with the elegance of the glass and the surrounding vegetation. This entire ensemble creates a working environment in the middle of nature.

The triple-height spaces are pivotal to the air-flow within the space.

The offices are more protected from direct sunlight by a screen wall on the front and side. The terrace becomes a garden and lounge that adds another layer against the warm tropical climate and helps keep the interiors cool.

Elegant reception area
Waiting area open to the gardens
Modern and vibrant waiting area
Access to the second level with concrete stairs
Open office area
Office area full of light
Modern office
Office meeting with glass walls
Large meeting office with exterior views
External night view
Night view of the street
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A Place for Lovers of the Sea and Surfing

By • Feb 12, 2018

This project, designed as a beach house, was undertaken by architectural firm NiHu Arquitectos, on the beach of Guiones, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, an excellent destination of white sands for those who like to surf. It has an area of 416 square meters and was built in 2016.

Aerial view of the land with sea views
View of the main facade with concrete road

It is a place that tries to combine the restrictions of a space built with the freedom of enjoying the variety of open-air activities available. The surrounding geography is very flat and distant, which allows the exterior landscapes and views to be framed and taken in the interior spaces as works of art.

Main entrance with yellow door
Rear view of the construction
Pool area with terrace
External stairs made of concrete

The exterior and the interior combine perfectly. As a result of the location of the house, it is divided into two blocks that compensate each other. This compensation also helps to separate private spaces from the more social areas of the project.

This structure is not only well-adapted to its location, but also takes into account the user, for which it creates a third space between the blocks oriented to a navigator’s related activities.

The result is a patio that runs through the house, allowing spaces that are easily accessible to the guests. These trips will provide them with unique experiences that they won’t soon forget.

Interior in industrial style
Interior with concrete walls
Rustic cuisine in intense colors
Kitchen with industrial design details
Double room with wooden furnitureI
Master bedroom with wooden furniture
Bathroom with concrete walls
Aerial view of the pool area
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Modern and Elegant House with Open Spaces

By • Feb 9, 2018

This ecological house has been designed by the architectural firm of Nico van der Meulen Architects in Inanda, Gauteng, a suburb of Johannesburg, in South Africa. It is a house full of natural light that has an area of ​​1,511 square meters, and where the first thing we see upon arrival is a steel sculpture of Regardt van der Meulen. It revolves on a podium next to the main door, which is built with glass, providing privacy.

View of the large furnished terrace
Modern and elegant living room with high ceilings

Upon entering the home, the transparency of the house becomes evident, with views of the multi-level room, the lounge, the spa, the pool and the garden, in addition to the two-volume family room, dining room, terrace, and kitchen. The whole living / kitchen / breakfast area is completely open, through the use of frameless doors, to the terrace and the garden.

TV area with concrete walls
Elegant living room overlooking the pool
Living-dining room in a very elegant modern style
Pool area for relaxation
Internal area with glass walls
Comfortable lounge in earthy tones
Modern living room with fireplace

Sliding glass panels hide the bar and kitchen when not in use, creating a more intimate atmosphere, while a skylight-lit walkway between the master suite and the guest rooms allows for views of the spaces and the garden.

A recessed illuminated handrail forms a graphic line on the wall, while a concealed horizontal sliding door allows the owner to block the upper floor of the ground floor for safety.

Spacious and modern kitchen in minimalist style
Modern kitchen island with exterior views
Modern breakfast table in black
Elegant dining room in black
Spacious and modern room with bathroom
Room with seating and reading area
Modern bathroom full of personality
Bathroom with bathtub in white
Modern bathroom
Night view of the pool area
Night view of the exterior
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Curious House Designed as a Box Inside Another Box

By • Feb 8, 2018

Mell Lawrence Architects, an Austin based architectural firm, has designed this home — Balcones House — in 2016. The home covers a sprawling ground area of over 4,000 square feet, and is located in Austin, Texas, United States.

Exterior with concrete walls
Pool area with terrace

The home is designed in the style of a wide brimmed glass pavilion, rising from a solid concrete base. A tiny guest house sits next to the main building, a smaller echo of the style of the larger structure. Both have a view of the pool that sits in the backyard, as well as the lushly vegetated landscape that surrounds the complex.

Interior of polished concrete floors and walls
Modern living room overlooking the pool

The interior of the main building is of a curious design — the volume is a box that contains a smaller box, which itself houses the powder room, stairs, pantry, and is wrapped in untreated fir, which was chosen for its warm and tactile qualities. Steel beams, with structural fir decking, lines the ceiling, mixing warm and cool materials to create a unique and elegant effect.

Living room with glass walls

Floor to ceiling glass walls allow an easy rapport between interior and exterior on the top floor, as well as granting it spectacular views over the surrounding landscape.

Modern living room with views over the beautiful landscape
Modern kitchen in white with marble counter
Spacious room full of natural light
Room with glass walls
Storage area
Concrete walls
Bathroom with wooden floors and concrete walls

The guest house serves, while unoccupied, as a home office and art studio. This building is also conceived as a box within a box, the interior volume containing cabinetry and separating the bathroom from the front room, as well as housing a fold out desk, drawers, and a queen size bed.

View of the guest area

The guest house serves, while unoccupied, as a home office and art studio. This building is also conceived as a box within a box, the interior volume containing cabinetry and separating the bathroom from the front room, as well as housing a fold out desk, drawers, and a queen size bed.

View of the construction with its gardens
Night view of the construction
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Elegant Offices Designed by the Architectural Firm Turman Roman in Tel Aviv, Israel

By • Feb 7, 2018

These functional and elegant offices were designed by Yarden Turman and Yossi Romano of the architectural firm Turman Romano, two young creatives specializing in structural, spatial, and interior design. Their firm is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Long corridor with dark wood floors
Long corridor with dark wood floors

Before its remodeling, the space looked narrow and shapeless, all in all a space completely inadequate for any kind of occupation. Even so, they took on the challenge of transforming it, even though in order to do so they had to tear down walls in order to create an open space.


It covers an area of 10,764 square feet of construction, and its remodeling was carried out in the year 2017. Three open space work areas, seven private offices, and three meeting rooms form the huge central recreational area as well as an apartment with open kitchen, dining area, and cooling area. It has a video game room for those moments of relaxation and fun. Large desks, plants, photos, as well as an extensive amount of books for inspiration and enjoyment, have been added to create cozy and peaceful spaces.

Spacious and elegant offices full of details

The black color is prominent throughout the office, creating an elegant atmosphere full of personality. Dark wood floors, metal nets, glass walls, and long tables are just some of the striking details of this fabulous design.

Spacious and elegant offices full of details
Spacious and elegant offices full of details
Spacious and elegant offices full of details
Spacious and elegant offices full of details
Reading area
Offices with glass walls
Offices with glass walls
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House With Wonderful Views that Can be Enjoyed Both Inside and Outside

By • Jan 31, 2018

This house has wonderful panoramic views from all of its rooms, an undeniable privilege that automatically turns it into a special place. It has wooden shutters that slide adjusting to the position of the sun, providing privacy as well as shade, filtering the intense rays of the sun that pass through its windows.

Facade with closed lattices for privacy

It has been designed by the architectural firm Golany Architects, led by the architects Yaron Golany and Galit Golany, and is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Completed in 2016, the home occupies a total ground area of 200 meters of the lot’s total 500 square meters.

Facade with open lattices that allow the passage of light
Beautiful garden from which to enjoy the views of the mountains
Venetian blinds on both levels that allow residents to control the amount of light that flows in
Corner with glass walls that connect to the garden
Views of the mountains from the interior

The installed lattices block the views towards the interior and maintain privacy while allowing those inside the opportunity to enjoy the landscape from the comfortable interior. Windows and doors are recessed to improve climate control, creating intermediate spaces in the shaded areas out of doors. Even during the hot summer days, these measures keep the house cool and pleasant.

Interior corridor created between glass walls and lattices
View of the interior through the glass walls
Modern living room with concrete walls and floors
Effects created by lattices and glass walls
Modern Living-dining room seen from the kitchen

It was a challenge to design this residence and maintain visual continuity from the site to the horizon. The residence is designed on two floors, conserving meters of outdoor area and allowing the outdoor space to breathe. Both the house and the garden are level to obtain optimal view distance, fusing with the surrounding landscape.

Modern dining room in wood
Modern dining room with views of the mountains
Bedroom with studio area and terraces with views
Terraces with lattices to control the entrance of natural light
Bedroom with studio
Terrace connected to the bedroom
Views from the living room during sunset
Night view of the house from the outside
Night view from the gardens
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Fabulous Remodeling of an Old Apartment From the 80s

By • Jan 25, 2018

This recent renovation of a flat in a 1980s building, and located in the city of Bigorrilho, Curitiba, Brazil, was carried out by the architectural firm Mário Sampaio. The apartment covers an area of 130 square meters, and is a space which has been renovated but, at the request of the client, preserved in its ground area. Only the living rooms were integrated to create a comfortable TV room for the enjoyment of the family.

Entrance hall lined in wood
Modern dining room with wooden chairs
Modern style dining room with circular table

A new element of transparent laminated plywood has been used, which is the articulating link of the intimate and social parts, with multiple functions: the aesthetic, because it brings a new aspect to the architecture of the place, transforming it; and the functional, because it covers both the exposed beams from the internal circulation as well as the irregularity of the room that remains after the demolition of two walls, an intermediate column, and the sliding door rail that isolates the intimate social area.

Bright living room decorated in black and white

It also has two cabinets that have been reused from the previous owner’s apartment, and which have been adapted and painted for the new decoration.

Detail of wooden wall decorated with pictures
Entrance to the TV lounge area

In all the social areas, in contrast to the wooden element, polished concrete was used for the floors. This same material has also been applied both on the walls and on the counter top.

Detail of the side table
TV area with comfortable white sofa
Detail of the TV cabinet in wood
Room decorated in white
Integrated closets in the room
Wood headboard details
Bathroom walls in concrete
Floor and walls of the bathroom in concrete
Sink with furniture in wood
Detail of the wooden sink
Bathroom with walls and floor in concrete
Detail of the concrete wall
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This Selection of the Top 5 house in Montana, USA, Will Leave you Breathless

By • Jan 23, 2018

These five wonderful mountain homes have something in common: all are located in the dramatic mountains and vast plains of Montana, United States. Each one has different characteristics than the others, but nevertheless they are all part of the residential architecture in the United States.

Wooden construction with lake views
Wonderful view of the construction surrounded by nature

Some have been built as a refuge for a couple with adult children with enough space to house the family on reunion days. Another for an art collector who wanted a home in a natural environment, and what’s more natural than being in the mountains, surrounded by the green and thick vegetation that characterizes them, with its lakes and large trees?

Interior fully clad in wood

The constructions have been raised adapting to the terrain and the characteristics of each one have been designed to be as low-impact as possible to the environment.

Singular exterior of wood
Detail of wooden walls

All have a common denominator and it’s the use of wood and glass walls. The wood, which somehow manages to fuse the structure with the environment that surrounds it and makes it a part of it, and the glass walls, because thanks to them we can look out and take in the beautiful sights.

Terrace with views covered in wood
Night view of the construction anchored in the mountain
Cottage surrounded by thick vegetation
Cozy and warm interior with views over the mountain
Black wooden structure on the hill
Black wooden cabin under the white snow
Wonderful views over the pine forest
Impressive structure of wood and stone
Modern black metal stairs
Side area with stone fireplace
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Old Construction has been Remodeled and Converted into the Main Building of Aalto University

By • Jan 22, 2018

ALA Architects, a Helsinki based architectural firm, has completed this project in 2017. Dipoli, as the building is called, was originally constructed in 1966 by Raili and Reima Pietilä to be the Student Union at the Helsinki University of Technology. Today, it has been fully renovated and has become the main building of Aalto University, which opened its doors for the Fall Semester of 2017. Located in Espoo, Finland, the structure covers a total ground area of 12,400 square meters.

Exterior view of the construction with stone walls
Side view with glass walls

After the renovation, the building will function as a meeting place for the university administration, the academic community, and the students, and will be the base for two hundred of the university’s administrative employees. It will also continue to function as the main location for lecture events and other university festivities, as well as a display platform for the university’s research and design projects. Additionally, the building also hosts restaurants, cafeterias, and a bar which caters to both students and staff members.

Front view with high walls in green
Interior with modern access stairs
Interior spacious and full of natural light
Interior of rustic walls and ceilings

The interior is open and spacious, with large clear glass windows that allow an abundance of natural light to seep into the interior. It also allows for a clear view of the surrounding buildings and greenery, creating a dialogue between the interior and the nearby architectural elements.

Spacious interior with skylights in the ceiling
Area with modern fireplace in black
Concrete and glass walls and modern fireplace
Open space area with wooden ceilings
Stairs that connect the different levels
Internal stairs with concrete walls
Sleeping area with fireplace
Lounges connected by sliding wooden doors
Interior space with rest areas
Space with tables and walls of natural stone
Brick fireplace
Large public dining room
Public dining room with tables areas
Meeting room in vibrant colors
Large internal area with wood paneling
Large area with concrete roof with skylights
Modern concrete construction
Elegant and modern public bathroom
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