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Game Room

Saint Petersburgh Place

By • Oct 11, 2015

Saint Petersburgh Place (8)

Saint Petersburgh Place is a private residence located in London, England.

The 5-bedroom home covers an approximate 4,252 square feet.


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Villa T by Arkham Project

By • Aug 24, 2015

Villa T by Arkham Project (2)

Villa T is a private residence located in Brienno, Italy.

The home was designed by Arkham Project in 2015.


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Mansfield by Amit Apel

By • Mar 4, 2014 •  Selected Work 

Mansfield is a private contemporary home designed by Amit Apel and located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

It was completed in 2012 and has a bright and clear interior, with an abundance of windows and skylights.


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Corralitos by AA Studio

By • Feb 6, 2014

Corralitos is a private residence designed by AA Studio.

It is located in Monterrey Bay, California, and presents a spacious home with spectacular views.


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New AOL’s Headquaters in Palo Alto by Studio O+A

By • Jun 21, 2011

San Francisco-based interior design firm Studio O+A has designed the new AOL’s West Coast headquarters.

Located in Palo Alto, California, the new 73,024 square foot corporate space has wide open work spaces, several work pods, chill dining areas and a cool game room.


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