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Gluck+ Designs a Stunning Beach House in North Shore, Chicago

By • Oct 24, 2016

House to the Beach by Gluck+ (15)

House to the Beach is a residential project completed by Gluck+.

The home is located in North Shore, an affluent suburban area north of Chicago, Illinois, USA.


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Tower House by Gluck+

By • Jul 25, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Tower House was designed by Gluck+, and it is located in Upstate New York.

Though its unique design makes it stand out from the forestry which surrounds it, its glass walls reflect the trees around it, blending the boundaries of what is nature and what is man-made.


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Lakeside Retreat by GLUCK+

By • Jun 27, 2013

New York City-based architectural firm GLUCK+ has designed the Lakeside Retreat.

Completed in 2010, this contemporary home in Adirondack, New York, USA, is partially buried into the sloping landscape, providing the perfect context for a sweet getaway.


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Urban Townhouse by GLUCK+

By • Jan 2, 2011

This townhouse is located on East 51st Street in New York City, a pleasant street with three- and four-story historical buildings, steps from the towers of Midtown.

The 2009 renovation project (1,322 sq ft) was designed by the NYC architectural firm  GLUCK+.


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