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Elegant Living Rooms With Views Of The City

By • May 2, 2018

Whether you are looking to change up the décor of your current living room space or need some new motivation to upgrade your home to a new residence with a grander view. Here are a few elegant living rooms with views of the city that will make you want to move.

Guinness Storehouse

The most impressive aspect of this home is the beautiful 360degree view of the city from the living room space. The spacious loft is furnished strategically to allow the beauty of the city to speak for itself. Furthermore, the entire home is embossed with glass walls that bring the beauty of the great outdoors directly in.

Coppin Penthouse

Located in the city of Melbourne, Australia the Coppin Penthouse designed by JAM Architects. The narrow yet elegance of the home was created to provide the perfect view of the city. Additionally, the living room is decorated in a circular format. This allows the homeowners and guests the luxury of enjoying the city during any time of day.

Stylish Apartment in New York

New York City has always been considered one of the best cities not only to live in, but one of the best cities to enjoy at night. For this reason and many others this stylish apartment in the heart of New York City has one of the best views. Constructed by the renowned architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects the classic apartments were designed in a format that allows the outdoor space to be the main focus of the entire home not just the living room.

Austin City View Residence by Dick Clark Architecture

A beautiful contemporary home with a minimalist appeal is the perfect way to describe this residence. Located in the gorgeous city of Austin the home itself has one of the best views in town. Surrounded by large trees and sprinkle of buildings the city can be seen perfectly from the living room space. Furthermore, the minimalist feature of the interior gives the outdoor a grandiose appeal.

The Towers at Lotte New York Palace

The Towers at Lotte New York Palace is a well-known as loved hotel in New York City due to its impeccable beauty and elegance. However, one of the best aspects the hotel has is its gorgeous view of the city. The hotel is constructed of 176 bedrooms all featuring the view of the St Patrick’s Cathedral and the spectacular skyline view from the living room space.

Steel and Glass Costa Rican home by Cañas Arquitectos

Located in the beautiful tropical country of Costa Rica, this home exudes beauty. Sitting directly on top of a hill providing the utmost view of the city of San Jose. For home offers the view from the living room and multiple different rooms in the home. Featuring thick steel walls perfectly paired with glass windows the home is contemporary yet traditional.

Contemporary Residence with Ocean views and City Lights in Los Angeles

Constructed in 2008 this 6 bedroom home sits on 2 acres of land perfectly showcasing the view of the ocean and the city all from different areas of the residence. Furthermore, the home brings forth the beauty of having two different scenarios from one location. Nevertheless, the large glass walls work perfectly in conjunction of making the home make a powerful statement all on its own.

Modern Décor Designed by Margeza Design Studio

The modern residence brings beauty in an unconventional, almost unrealistic way. The beautiful project was created by the architectural firm Margeza Design Studio. A popular firm known for thinking outside of the box. Nevertheless, the home offers an exceptional view of the city while having a modern appeal on the inside of the residence.

Sophisticated Riverside Villa Located in Kyoto

Even though it is a riverside residence the home offers great views of the city from the modernly decorated living room space. Furthermore, the home itself brings forth simplistic lines with beautiful neutral hues that work together to create that grudge aspect the home has from the inside out.

Modern and Cozy Loft designed by Marmol Radziner in Los Angeles, California

Modern is the perfect way of explaining this loft. The crisp view of the city gives it an even grander appeal that simply makes sense to the area. Furthermore, there is something very rustic yet contemporary that comes with having the exterior come together with the interior.

Which of these views from the living room is your current favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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10 Homes With the Best Terrace Views

By • Feb 1, 2018

How wonderful would it be to wake up, walk to your terrace and see a gorgeous view every time? The luxury of having a terrace comes from having a quiet space you can sit and enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. These homes offer just that! Their terrace views speak for themselves. Here are 10 homes with breathtaking views that will inspire you to construct a terrace of your very own.

152 Elizabeth Street

This is the very first Tadao Ando project in the Big Apple and it does not disappoint. Known as 152 Elizabeth Street this luxury multistory penthouse is a sight to be seen. The interior is simple, elegant, yet modern and rich while the exterior is breathtaking. The terrace view is unbelievable. With glass walls you can see the city directly from inside the home and once you step onto the terrace you get the Big Apple directly in front of you.

Mountain Views from Salt Lake City Home

Sitting at an elevation of about 7,500 feet on top of a mountain this home offers breathtaking panoramic views all year round. With its high elevation the home is prone to having a bit of a shake down during the winter as there could be accumulations of snow up to 12 inches. However, the home was built with this in mind. The terrace view offers a panoramic view of the green mountains of Utah. Nevertheless, the view is even grander when there is snow on them.

Townhouses Full of Warmth and Comfort Built in the City of Berkeley in California

Located in Berkeley, a city in Alameda County, California the four townhouse units range in sizes of 1,300 to 1,500 square feet. Molded around a European style patio, these homes offer a 360panoramic view of the city from the terrace. The view is quiet and calming, allowing you to feel as if you have retreated on vacation by simply stepping onto your terrace.

Contemporary Apartment Redesigned for a Young Businessman in Hong Kong

Built for a young businessman, this contemporary apartment is located in Hong Kong is modern yet well put together and simple. The living room happens to be one of the most impressive areas of this home as it features glass walls that are placed directly in front of the terrace. Nonetheless, the terrace is a cozy open space featuring glass miniature walls that appear as if they combine the great outdoors with the impeccable views of the ocean that sits in front of the apartment.

Hillside Home Designed by John Covert Waston Located in Lakeway

This beautiful, unconventional home located in Lakeway encrusted in the surrounded vegetation offers a view like no other. The residence is located directly in front of the lake. Therefore, the lake can be seen from the terrace as well as numerous different areas of the home that have glass walls and windows. Its interior is filled with small detailing that offer a rich décor that is embedded in the home. Furthermore, the home offers a unique curved feature. There are curved walls that add to the contemporary appeal while providing a breathtaking view.

Mixed Space House Designed by Bergemeisterwolf Architekten

Located in Neustift, Bozen, Italy the home is constructed in the middle of beautiful landscapes and mountain views. The home covers 98 square meters appearing as if it came out directly from a fairytale story book. From the interior to the terrace and garden everything in the home is modern and immaculate while combining two different house designs. Nevertheless, every area of the home is built in a contemporary form meanwhile the rest of the home has a rustic appeal to it.

Fabulous and Unique Residence in Miami Beach by Kobi Karp Architecture

Just like New York City, Miami is a city that never sleeps. Furthermore, it is also a city that offers a breathtaking view from every angle. This amazing home in Miami Beach offers an indescribable, picturesque view that can be seen from the terrace as well as from all the glass walls the home has. All in all, every single space in the home offers a different view. However, the view becomes twice as grand in the evening when you can really appreciate the beauty of the city with all its lights.

 A Stunning Villa with Spectacular Views in Lugano, Switzerland

Located on the hills of Lugano, the Swiss-Italian city the view of this Villa is like no other. Surrounded by mountains and lakes this Villa is decorated from the inside out with dark-toned wood. All in all, the home offers an impressive mixture of luxury and modern. In addition, the terrace has a unique feature it is actually enclosed with glass walls, wooden floors, and an astonishing view. The view is so great from the terrace it appears as if you are part of the nature instead of being enclosed inside.

Conrad | Asturi Studios Design a Spacious Contemporary Home in Pebble Beach Resorts, California

Constructed in the exclusive Pebble Beach Resorts, California this contemporary home covers 4,176 square feet. The construction of this home focuses on using concrete to create a modern space with a cozy interior. There are multiple different fire pits in the home and that includes on the terrace. The terrace itself has a modern fire pit with living room furniture to provide a second living room appeal. Furthermore, not only is the terrace well designed but the view is also great. The  view features mountains and greenery that add to the relaxing appeal of the space.

Spectacular Transformation of a House Into an Elegant and Functional Place

This beautiful, perfectly transformed home is located on Tapia Island is a modern beauty of its own. This home offers a contemporary appeal from the inside out. The terrace is constructed of wooden floors with glass walls that bring the beauty of the outdoors right indoors. Furthermore, the views of the city and the water from the terrace are unlike any other.

In conclusion, these terrace views are one of a kind. Which of them is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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10 Homes With Unbelievable Views

By • Dec 11, 2017

On any given day we can all come across a beautiful home. However, very rarely do we come across beautiful homes with an even grander view. There is something very relaxing and luxurious about being able to look outside of your home. All while having a picturesque view. With that being said many homes are generally built around the idea of the view being the main focus of the home. Due to this many newly renovated home offer large windows that give the view an even grander effect. The following 10 homes offer unbelievable views that appear as if they just came out of a post card.


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