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Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects

Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects Design a Contemporary Residence in Mosman Bay, Australia

By • Jul 31, 2016

Mosman Bay Residence by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects (2)

Mosman Bay Residence is a private home designed by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects.

It is located in Mosman Bay, Australia.


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Casa 31_4 Room House by Caroline Di Costa Architect & Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects

By • Jul 24, 2014

Casa 31_4 Room House by Iredale Pedersen Hook (16)

Casa 31_4 Room House is a project completed jointly by Caroline Di Costa Architect & Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects.

The home is located in Perth, Australia.


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Modern Beach House in Western Australia

By • Mar 19, 2011

Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects has recently completed this coastal holiday house in Western Australia.

Located at Florida Beach, only one hour from Perth, the home design emphasizes and focuses on the immense Indian Ocean.

All space is aligned and extruded through a strict dialog of plan and section revealing the intensity and variety of this great ocean.


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