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Annette Frommer Designs a Modern Apartment in Jerusalem

By • Dec 7, 2016

Modern Garden Apartment by Annette Frommer (3)

Modern Garden Apartment is a residential project completed by Annette Frommer.

The home is located in Jerusalem, Israel.


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Jerusalem Mountains by eran chehanowitz

By • Apr 5, 2014

Jerusalem Mountains by eran chehanowitz (3)

Jerusalem Mountains is a private residence designed by eran chehanowitz.

It is located in Jerusalem, Israel, and flawlessly mixes more modern elements with rough and rustic ones.


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Pninat HaNevi’im in Jerusalem by Studio Aiko

By • May 17, 2013

This visualization of an apartment built by Bridman Agmon Architects and located in HaNevi’im St., Jerusalem was created by Studio Aiko.

The home is elegant and classic, utilizing a variety of elements to create a sophisticated whole.


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Marks/Caride Residence by I-Beam Architecture & Design

By • Jun 19, 2012 •  Selected Work 

New-York-based studio I-Beam Architecture & Design has completed the interior of the Marks/Caride loft located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, USA.

This apartment features a staircase with a unique railing made of nearly 20,000 LEGO blocks!


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Two-Tree House by Golany Architects

By • Apr 8, 2012

Tel-Aviv-based studio Golany Architects has designed the Two Tree House.

Completed in 2009 and made of a recycled shipping container, this 484 square foot residence is built among mature Jerusalem pine trees in Israel.


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Barud House by Paritzki and Liani Architects

By • Nov 12, 2011

Tel Aviv-based studio Paritzki and Liani Architects has completed the Barud House project in August 2011.

This 3,444 square foot contemporary home is located in Jerusalem, Israel.


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