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Matteo Nunziati

Matteo Nunziati Designs an Urban House with a Garden in Milan, Italy

By • Jan 4, 2017

Urban House with Garden by Matteo Nunziati (13)

Urban House with Garden is a residential project designed by Matteo Nunziati in 2016.

It is located in Milan, Italy.


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Matteo Nunziati Designs a High-Rise in Bosco Verticale in Milan, Italy

By • Oct 12, 2016

Penthouse at Bosco Verticale by Matteo Nunziati (2)

Penthouse at Bosco Verticale is a private home located in Milan, Italy.

Completed in 2016, it was designed by Matteo Nunziati.


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City Life by Matteo Nunziati

By • Mar 3, 2014

City Life is a chic apartment completed in 2014 by Matteo Nunziati.

It is located in Milan, Italy, and has a warm interior with ingeniously placed light fixtures to illuminate each space.


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