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Rainbow by Minarc

By • Oct 18, 2014

Rainbow by Minarc (15)

Covering an area of 4,200 square feet, Rainbow is a private home designed by Minarc.

It is located in Santa Monica, California, USA.


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Appleton by Minarc

By • Feb 4, 2014 •  Selected Work 

Located in Venice, California, USA, Appleton is a residential project completed by Minarc.

It has an elegant interior which makes extensive use of wood surfaces.


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Living by the Sea by Minarc

By • Jan 25, 2014

Living by the Sea is a private residence designed by Minarc.

It is located in Malibu, California, and was completed in 2011.


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Ice House by Minarc

By • Apr 30, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Ice House is located in Reykjavik, Iceland and was designed by Minarc.

The interior is comfortable and elegant, and makes use of a variety of elements that come together impeccably.


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