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Le Portelet House by MOOARC

By • Oct 30, 2011 •  Selected Work 

UK-based studio MOOARC has just completed The Portelet House project.

According to the architects’ description, “Portelet House is an experimental house in Guernsey by MOOHUS, MOOARC’s design research lab.

Le Portelet is a new family home, which sits within the wooded escarpment overlooking Portelet Harbour.

The project was conceived as three timber blocks nestled into the hillside allowing views of the surrounding landscape from all principle rooms. The palette of materials blends with the beach setting and mediates between water, earth and sky.”


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La Concha House by MOOARC

By • Oct 25, 2011

UK-based studio MOOARC has completed the La Concha House project in 2003.

This home has been remodeled from a 15th century barn on the Island of Guernsey.


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