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North Shore

Gluck+ Designs a Stunning Beach House in North Shore, Chicago

By • Oct 24, 2016

House to the Beach by Gluck+ (15)

House to the Beach is a residential project completed by Gluck+.

The home is located in North Shore, an affluent suburban area north of Chicago, Illinois, USA.


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Carterwilliamson Architects Design a Cozy Contemporary Home in North Shore

By • Jul 22, 2016

McMahons Point by Carterwilliamson Architects (5)

McMahons Point is a private home located in North Shore, Sydney, Australia.

It was designed by Carterwilliamson Architects in 2015.


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Rothesay Bay House by Creative Arch

By • May 6, 2015 •  Selected Work 

Rothesay Bay House by Creative Arch (14)

Rothesay Bay House is a private residence located in North Shore, New Zealand.

It was designed by Creative Arch in 2013.


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Okura House by Bossley Architects

By • Oct 27, 2013

Okura House is located in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, and was designed by Bossley Architects.

The spacious home has several outdoor areas that look out to the vast rolling hills that surround it, allowing for a pleasant view from the warmth and comfort of the striking structure.


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