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ONG&ONG Pte Ltd Designs a Contemporary Private Residence in Singapore

By • Feb 18, 2017

KAP-House by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd (12)

When you live in a climate that’s pleasant and warm all year round, you’ve got the perfect scenario for a stunning open concept home. With every building that adopts an open concept, however, the challenge is to find innovative ways to still provide the residents with enough privacy to make them feel comfortable and safe in their daily lives. As with anything, a license to get creative in one feature opens doors for unique decor and design elsewhere in the home as well. KAP-House is a shining example of what we mean.


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House at Neil Road by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd

By • Oct 1, 2015

House at Neil Road by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd (7)

House at Neil Road is a private home located in Singapore.

The 5,597-square-foot home was designed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd in 2013.


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65BTP-House by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd

By • Aug 18, 2014

65BTP-House by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd (9)

65BTP-House is a private residence designed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd.

Located in Singapore, the home has an interior that is at once warm and luminous.


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