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Fantastic Remodeling of a Flat in Barcelona, Spain, Dating From 1900

By • Oct 11, 2018

This comprehensive reform – of an apartment of 90 square meters in the city of Barcelona, Spain – to obtain a renewed and more luminous space was carried out by the architectural firm Alventosa Morell Arquitectes and was under the leadership of its professionals Marc Alventosa and Xavier Morell, in the year 2017.

Luminous lounge area

The clients wanted this apartment – located in an old building in the Born district of Barcelona, built in the year 1900, with little natural light and with numerous health problems – to receive a comprehensive reform. With this, they intended to obtian a renovated and more luminous space that could better fit their desires.

Lounge area with small terrace
Small and narrow kitchen area
Blank room with brick wall

The objective of the intervention was based on two criteria. On the one hand, to discover, recover, and highlight the original structural elements of high historical and constructive value. On the other hand, to generate a diaphanous space that would allow to improve the existing lighting and natural ventilation conditions.

Rectangular window with wooden frame

In spite of its antiquity, the apartment to reform did not keep any element of its original construction since it had undergone several reforms.

Thus, with some simple measures of recovery of original building elements and the design of a wooden furniture longitudinally that helped to separate the night area from the day, it was possible to meet the two objectives that had been specified and obtain a spacious and comfortable space to enjoy its livability.

Closet in wood
Bath in white and green
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Sober and Elegant House in Which Privacy was the Focal Point to Solve

By • May 29, 2018

This house has a sober and elegant decoration that reflects a strong personality.It was designed in 2017 by the architects Hưng Đào and Phí Đình Cường of the architectural firm AHL architects. It covers 235 square meters and is located in Phúc Lợi, Vietnam.The lack of privacy, seen as a deficiency in the design, led them to install shutters and even windows that do not open, but that help create more private spaces without compromising the visibility or freedom of the house. As the project is a semi-detached house, the distance from the neighbor’s house is quite limited, only 3 meters, a narrow distance with side windows that each open to the other home.

Entrance with elegant wooden door
View of the kitchen and living room with polished concrete floors
Sober and elegant lounge
Living room with brown leather sofa
Kitchen open to the living room
Living-dining room in wood

The home is characterized by spaces where wood and concrete are seen as predominant materials, and its dark, stylish rooms create a serene space.

It has practical and perfectly delineated atmospheres, full of natural light, where each corner has a functionality.

The house HP6 is not different, nor does it stand out from the urban landscape in general. It is simply one more house; nevertheless, its renewed interior gives a special value to the owner, who uses the interior spaces every day.

Dining room in wood and leather
Stairs with black metal railing
Stairs with concrete wall
Wooden stairs
Small terrace
Room with wooden floors
Room full of natural light
Desktop area
Elegant and modern bathroom
Stairs leading to the office area
Modern and functional office
Office with glass doors
Internal side garden
External night view
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Magnificent Transformation of a House of Dark Spaces into a Space Full of Life

By • May 21, 2018

The architectural firm Tom Robertson, led by Tom Robertson and David Ascroft, has reconfigured a small cabin located in Melbourne, Australia, to bring light and volume to the once dark spaces of this site. The resulting forms create a feeling of spaciousness and adapt to a more contemporary lifestyle. The house uses a strong monochromatic palette everywhere, starting in the new façade and continuing in the kitchen, done in black and white, farther in. Internally, the feeling is clean and quiet, with natural wood flooring and a striking staircase that provides warmth and softness.

Exterior view of brick walls
Modern and clear interior with wooden floors

To overcome the size restrictions of the site, a large double-height space has been created, which allows light to flood the open space in the center of the site. A loft is suspended within this volume, providing an escape.

Modern kitchen in matte black

A modern and elegant kitchen has been designed in close collaboration with the owners. This customization allows a highly functional and refined aesthetic. The bathrooms have been decorated with white porcelain countertops and thick black keys. Just above the shower cabin, a large skylight allows for views of the sky and the passage of natural light.

Living room in modern style
Dining room with round wooden table
TV area
View from the stairs
Modern and clear desk area
Sober and elegant bedroom area
Modern and spacious closet
Modern bathroom in black and white
Bath in black and white
Bathroom full of natural light





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Spectacular Remodeling Project of a Space that Used to Be a Barn

By • Apr 19, 2018

This project was carried out by NONG STUDIO architectural studio and led by Chasing Wang, Neal Zhu, Luca Lannote (Italy) and Kunyang Wang in 2017. It has an area of 180 square meters and is located in Suzhou South Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.

Modern and elegant entrance area

If we follow the history of Shanghai, an important point for its inhabitants is the Suzhou River. Industrial buildings along the river have witnessed the prosperity and decline of concessions, as well as the emergence of national industries. This space used to be the private granary of Yuesheng Du before ultimately becoming the warehouse of the Commercial Bank of China.

Sober and elegant space
Elegant decorated in marble and gold

Its façade and its interior space have been restored in such a way that it respected its history, integrating itself with the modern elements. This allowed it to demonstrate its intimate connection with the past.
In terms of functional design, the space was organized according to the level of privacy or efficiency, which is common in the design of traditional offices. And it was organized according to the possibility of interaction.
When design can tell the life and experience of a person, it is already a search for the emotional essence.

Reading space with libraries
Cubicle closed in glass
Interior of the cubicle with armchairs
Modern meeting area with white furniture
Elegant table with marble and golden chairs
Elegant chairs with gold border
Modern chair in orange
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Fantastic Renovation of a Holiday Home that Now Looks Cozy

By • Mar 12, 2018

This old building, dating back to 1870, has been recently remodeled by the firm Renovation, Design & Interior: Stefaan Van Dyck & Kathleen Cassiers, in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. The remodeling, which began in 2016, ended just a year later in 2017, resulting in a spectacular job full of good taste.

Narrow, cobbled street where the old building is located

The restoration was based mostly on the original elements such as oak wood ceilings, old mosaic floor and some of the characteristic wooden stairs. The street on which it is located is picturesque and very famous for its fashion, culture, diamonds and chocolate.

Wonderful spacious and cozy lounge area
Living room with fireplace
Living room with decorative details
Living room with decorative details in rustic style
Modern leather chair in the living room

It has five floors that can only be accessed by stairs and where up to 10 people can be accommodated.

On the ground floor there is a private cafe-bistro style dining room and a kitchen with plenty of modern appliances, while the cozy living room with a fireplace and a sophisticated flat screen TV is located on the third floor.

The rooms are located on the first, second and last floor. The rooms on the first and second floor have two bunk beds, plus the extra-large double bed. All rooms have a large hanging area of ​​open cupboards and shelves as well as bathroom and toilet.

Area of sofa with brick wall
Modern and spacious kitchen
Dining area between rustic and modern
Dining area with rustic walls
Dining area with a combination of new and old details
Room in a very modern and cozy style
Bed made in levels
Room full of natural light
Room with a large number of beds
Black metal ladder leading to the upper beds
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Former Factory Converted into the New Headquarters of the Gucci Firm in Milan, Italy

By • Mar 6, 2018

Located in the Fashion Capital, Milan, Italy, this construction, an old factory dating from 1915, has been transformed and adapted to serve as the headquarters of the Gucci firm in the city of Milan. The abandoned industrial warehouses, which have an area of 30,000 square feet, were redeveloped in 2012 and currently serves as the venue for events and fashion shows of the firm.

Aerial view of the factory and its glass building
View of the glass building from inside the sheds

The new six-story tower, which interacts closely with the old buildings, stands out within the area of the site. Covered with a regular pattern of sunscreens, the new building breaks the symmetry of the site and generates a powerful chromatic relationship with the exposed red bricks of the low-level warehouse. The pedestrian paths run between the buildings, which are mainly on the ground floor, in a sequence of solid structures and empty spaces in which landscaping plays a key role.

In the inner courtyard you can see the old red brick walls of the old building

The large complex, which houses offices and a showroom also has spaces dedicated to graphic design within Gucci, a canteen and a restaurant.

The large plaza, surrounded by exposed brick walls, is animated by carefully placed trees, while a thick linden wood gives the project a distinctive “green” feel, focusing on sustainable design.

Modern area of glass walls accompanied by the old brick construction
Old red brick construction
Modern black glass construction
Impressive structure of black metal and glass
View of the large illuminated interior
Parade area with adequate lighting
Corridors with high ceilings
Aerial view of the construction
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Office Space Subdivided Into the Different, Allowing Each One to Function as a Hub and to Modify their Working Space as They See Fit

By • Nov 23, 2017

Lightspeed, a point-of-sale and e-commerce software provider based in Montreal, Canada. In 2017, they commissioned ACDF Architecture, the designers for the first phase of the firm’s headquarters, to create a new floor to be dedicated to product development. The structure covers a total ground area of 1,200 square feet.

Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.

The offices are located on the ground floor of a 19th century railway hotel, the chateau-style Viger Railway Station, which makes the original structure an iconic landmark that stands out in Old Montreal’s skyline. Some semblance of the building’s past is preserved in its interior, clearly visible in its exposed rough red brick walls, their rusticity in stark contrast with the industrial and sleek modernity of the remaining elements of the décor.

Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.

The office space is subdivided into the different teams that make up the company, allowing each one to function as a hub and to modify their working space as they see fit. Each group has their own desks, meeting room, and social area in the open floor plan, divided through the use of blocks of pastel colors that cover the walls and floors. In this way, they seek to maximize the cohesion of each team by giving them a space that they can use as they wish and feel comfortable in.

Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
Interior of the offices in which it shows a perfect combination of modern styles with rustic.
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Remodeling Made by Alexandru Calin and Georgiana Gogolan in an Apartment Located in Busteni, Romania

By • Oct 31, 2017

This apartment is located in Busteni, a city in the District of Prahova. It is a small mountain village in the northern Prahova, which itself is located in central Romania. One of its greatest attributes is its fantastic views over the Carpathian Mountains, a mountain range in Eastern Europe that forms a great arch. It is the second longest mountain range in Europe, second only to the Scandinavian Alps.

The client requirements were simple: a cozy and warm mountain space where they could get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Planning to spend long periods there, the fulfillment of their wishes was a really important and necessary point for them.

Alexandru Calin and Georgiana Gogolan’s architectural and interior design firm, personal friends of the clients, went to work inspired by warm oak wood and white tones. They were looking for a fluid space where the family could enjoy beautiful moments in the mountains, sharing the joy of being together away from the worries and the rumbling of the city. It was ultimately decided to fuse the areas and open the terrace to the wonderful views of the surrounding mountains.

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Gaila’s Home Renovation Project Designed by Egue and Seta Located in A Coruña, Spain

By • Jul 3, 2017

This project, covering an area of 85 square meters, is located in Coruña, a port city on a promontory in the Galicia region of northwest Spain. The project was carried out in 2016 and belongs to the well-known Egue and Seta, having been completed with the collaboration of Gaila González, Daniel Pérez, and Felipe Araujo.


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Extraordinary Modern Décor with Beautiful Spaces Full of Light and Good Taste Designed by Margeza Design Studio

By • Jun 23, 2017

This bright apartment, where, without a doubt, white is the protagonist, offers not only its extraordinary modern décor with beautiful spaces full of light and good taste, but also allows us to enjoy the wonderful views of the Danube.


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Wanjing studio Remodels a Home in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

By • Mar 16, 2017

This building, a former old factory located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China and covering an area of 600 m2, was once in ruins and abandoned. It was completely remodeled and re-designed in 2016 by Wanjing studio, and turned into a habitable home. The change is simply spectacular!


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A Tiny Apartment that Makes the Most of Very Little Space

By • Mar 10, 2017

This project, based in an apartment with a mere 49 m2 and located in the Portuguese city of Porto, was designed by URBAstudios in 2016. The main objective of this remodeling was to exploit the available space, which takes advantage of the fact that its ceilings are fairly high, as it is built on the ground floor of an old building in the city.


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Sycamore Architects Create a Two-Level Penthouse With a View in Rome, Italy

By • Feb 27, 2017

This two-level penthouse with 295 m2 is located in one of the most important streets in the city of Rome, Italy – the Viale dei Parioli. Its owners have the privilege of being able to see the dome of the Basilica of Saint Peter from the comfort of their own terraces, every single day… We could not imagine a better view!


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ADE Architecture Extensively Refurbishes a Home in London, England

By • Feb 20, 2017

House Four by ADE Architecture (4)

When many people think of modern housing, their minds often go to brand new buildings that have only just been constructed. On the contrary, however, some of our favourite contemporary homes have actually already been standing for generations and have simply been recently refurbished. We’re huge fans of any design and decor scheme that makes an otherwise outdated building into something modern but comfortable. That’s exactly the story with House Four!


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Gordon Weima Designs a House Addition in Ottawa

By • Feb 16, 2017

House Addition in Ottawa by Gordon Weima (5)

Finding decent sized housing in the middle of a city can be difficult and expensive because many full sized housing options within the city limits are quite small but quite highly priced. Every once in a while, however, a designer comes across a lot where an old home can be transformed into something more contemporary. Have you ever seen, however, modern city homes that are so in line with stereotypical city living that they end up looking and feeling quite cold? Well, the designers of House Addition found a way to create a house with the perfect level of city contemporary in a decently sized, comfortable home!


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Mesura Remodels a Summer Home in Sant Mori, Spain

By • Jan 2, 2017

Sant Mori Enlargement by Mesura (19)

Sant Mori Enlargement is a residential project completed by Mesura in 2016.

It is located in Sant Mori, Spain.


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Girona-Based 05AM Arquitectura Refurbishes a 19th-Century Home in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

By • Jan 2, 2017

Refurbishment of a Maison à Colombages by 05AM (1)

The Spanish firm 05AM Arquitectura completed a house refurbishment of a “Maison à Colombages” for a young family.

The 19th-century home is located in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, near Paris, France.


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