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SARCO Architects

Barnes Coy Architects and SARCO Architects Jointly Design a Private Residence in Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

By • Feb 15, 2017

Cielomar Residence by Barnes Coy & SARCO (2)

When you picture your “dream house”, does your mind automatically drift off to somewhere warm and surrounded by water so that you’re always ready for a sunny swim? That’s certainly the kind of house we would build ourselves if given the chance! These features alone already make up for a beautiful, enjoyable home, but some designers take it a step further by including several novelty features. Cielomar Residence is the perfect example and probably the house of our dreams!


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SARCO Architects Design a Luxury Villa in Nacascolo, Costa Rica

By • Sep 26, 2016

Casa Magayon by SARCO Architects (39)

Casa Magayon is a residential project designed by SARCO Architects in 2015.

It is located in Nacascolo, Costa Rica.


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