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Stone Walls

House of Wide Open Spaces and Full of Light

By • Apr 26, 2018

This house of open spaces and full of light is located in the city of Thành phố Nha Trang, Vietnam and has an area of 445 square meters. It was designed in 2016 by the architecture firm MW arch studio under the direction of the architecture professionals Le Minh Quang and Nguyen Ai Thy.

Pool area

It is a project of individual house and is close to a noisy environment, a densely populated area with many polluted emissions of motor vehicles with very large volumes, very typical in the urban zone of the city of Vietnam.

Perforated doors with decorations
Internal stairs with gardens
View of the internal garden from the stairs

This area usually lacks natural light, so they use a lot of artificial lighting to counteract the lack of light.

However, this house is designed in such a way that it makes use of wind and natural light, so it does not need artificial lighting during the day, as well as air conditioning. At night, it is lit using LED bulbs, which are ecological. It also takes advantage of clean wastewater and recycled rainwater to irrigate green plants. Therefore, the house greatly minimizes its waste for the environment.

In the living spaces, the openings with lots of natural light between the floors, the wind and the green trees are organized smoothly extending inside the house. Together with the sliding glass door system, the space is tightly connected, but still can provide privacy total when necessary.

Living area with white floors and glass walls
Internal garden with stone walls
Entrance with internal garden
Living room with terrace
Living room with brown leather sofa
Open dining kitchen area
Room with glass walls and garden
Bathroom with glass and stone wall
Internal bathroom with glass walls
Night view of the gardens
Detail of the perforated doors
Night view from the outside
Night view from the outside
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Wonderful Cabin Surrounded by Thick Vegetation

By • Apr 25, 2018

This project, designed by the architectural firm of Lorena Troncoso Valencia, is located in the area of Pinto, Chile, an area recognized by tourism in extreme high mountain sports such as sky. It was carried out in 2016 and has an area of 105 square meters.

Views of the snowy mountains

The area has a lush vegetation of native trees overlooking the Andes; in the center, there is a small ravine with a depth of 15 meters, on which the project is located. The cabin is posed in an asymmetrical triangular shape in its upper part, inspired by the iconic shape of the mountain that can be seen behind. You can also observe from its terrace the landscape of the ravine in its maximum splendor.

Cottage surrounded by thick vegetation
External view of the cabin with glass walls
Detail of the roof in lateral fall
Terrace with wooden floors
Windows that connect the interior with the exterior

The project is conceived as a large space with two levels, communicated with each other by a double height and a bedroom area on the first level. In the central space, we find the kitchen and living room that is connected spatially with the second level bedroom and at the same time this is connected through a bridge with a desk area. All these spaces are projected towards the main terrace that looks at the ravine.
The window of the main façade is retracted diagonally to generate shade during the period of greatest sunlight.
The glazed walls welcome the abundant foliage of the trees inside the hut, fusing the exterior and interior.

Area with high glass walls
Stone and glass wall
Kitchen in wood with stone wall
Room with high wooden ceilings
Room with stone walls and glass
Room with terrace
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Residence with Marked Rebellious and Restless Style

By • Apr 24, 2018

This project is marked from start to end by the personality of the owners, who, with their rebellious, restless and nonconformist character, made the design of this house add personal experiences and dreams. The responsible for carrying out such a precious project was the Mano de Santo architecture studio in 2014. A project that has 400 square meters and is located in the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain.

View of the modern entrance with concrete walls

Its development supposed a challenge and a stimulus at the same time, since the plot presents a very steep slope and an orientation and spectacular views towards the sea and the city of Valencia. The house is located at the highest point of the plot and consists of two volumes, one embedded in the ground and the other placed on top of this slightly separated and light appearance using in this case materials and prefabricated dry execution systems and light (prefabricated concrete).

Wooden bridge leading to the entrance
Stone walls and gardens
Pool area with terrace
Cozy living room with modern furniture
Modern and elegant kitchen and dining area
Dining room in wood and black

The most private bedrooms and rooms are arranged in the upper volume from where you can enjoy the comfortable privacy of the wonderful views over the city.

The design, layout and systems of facilities used in the house, result in an energy efficient building.

Room with balcony with wonderful views
Elegant bathroom with black marble top
Night view of the pool
Night view of the construction with glass walls
Entry bridge at night hours
Exterior with concrete walls
Wonderful night view with stone walls and concrete walls
Night view of the house on the hill
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Imposing Concrete Construction Surrounded by Thick Green Vegetation

By • Apr 5, 2018

This imposing construction of high concrete walls has been designed by the architect Cherng Yih Lee, who works for the architectural firm FORMZERO, in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The home was completed in the year 2017 and covers an extensive area of 900 square meters, distributed across its three levels.

Aerial view of the imposing concrete construction

It is located right on the edge of a reserved forest, perfect for those who like to enjoy the outdoors and nature. However, one of the points on which its designers focused was avoiding, at all costs, that the existing windows became the most direct element with which to define the relationship with the outdoor space. When a house is surrounded by other houses, the relationship is immediately blurred by dropping a curtain. The question was … How to restore that relationship with the outer space without compromising the necessary privacy inside?

House surrounded by a perforated concrete wall
Side view of the house with asymmetrical shaped windows
High concrete roof
Interior of the high concrete roof
View of the exterior and its windows
Modern living room with glass and concrete walls
Small living room area full of natural light
Details of the entrance in wood
Sliding windows with window seat
Modern kitchen with dining room in wood and black & white chairs
Stairs in black metal
Internal corridor with wooden floors and concrete walls
Decorative detail
Open bathroom with concrete walls

From east to west, this house is wrapped in an additional layer consisting of a wall of perforated concrete that looks like a shell. In addition to acting as a thermal protection with cross ventilation, the carapace is the first layer to control privacy. Between the house and the concrete framework, several levels of landscape are inserted to create an ambiguous condition that makes the landscape look more like an interior space.

View of the spaces with garden
External night view
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Town House with Wonderful Interiors

By • Mar 27, 2018

This wonderful stone-walled town house with high wooden ceilings is located in the area of Drafi, Attica, in the northern suburbs of Athens, Greece. The mountainous area is full of pine trees, as well as wonderful views over the green hills that surround it.

Front view with parking area
Side view with stone wall

The terrain of almost 20 meters had a slope that was a challenge for the architects, who adapted to the landscape and designed a modern house with a butterfly roof. This inevitably led to a 2-level design adapting to the inclination and fluctuations of the topology. Two different blocks, facing north and west, sit on different levels and join in the middle with a wedge-shaped volume that forms the entrance and vertical circulation that leads to the main spaces of the house.

Back garden with pool

The interior, with 9-meter-high ceilings, pleasantly surprises visitors, and the wonderful views through the glass walls will leave them speechless.

Wonderful interior with high ceilings and fireplace in stone wall

The four basic walls of the house are covered with stone, to look as if they were coming through the ground, connected to the exposed wooden ceiling only through a series of triangular aluminum windows. The butterfly roof, which reverses the conventional tilted-roof icon, allows natural light to enter through those tall windows at the back of the building.

Living room with wooden floors and stone and glass walls
Living room with high ceilings and wonderful views to the outside
Large wooden kitchen
Dining room in thick wood
Office area with views through the glass walls
Stairs with black railings
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The Simplicity of Concrete is Reflected in this Wonderful Construction

By • Mar 23, 2018

This wonderful house with concrete walls is located in a development north of the metropolitan area of Mexico City in Mexico. It was designed in 2018 by the architectural firm Jorge Hernández de la Garza under the direction of its magnificent professionals Jorge Hernandez de la Garza, Alin Gamboa, Miguel Angel Loyola and Octavio Alvarado.

Exterior in which concrete, wood and stone are combined

The land on which the building is constructed is a sloped area full of stones. The architectural project was carried out in three levels, with the environments being distributed according to the needs of the client. The first semi-fitted level is where the bathrooms are located; the second level is the garden, as well as where the public spaces of housing are located; finally, the third seems to float above the rest of the volumes.

Main entrance
Outside stairs lead to the entrance
External stairs with views
Large kitchen made of wood
Internal stairs in wood and black metal
Level with concrete walls and glass floors
Wood and concrete walls

At the bottom of the land next to the garden, a 15-meter-high stone wall rises and was the perfect setting to direct the interior views of the house to the immediate surroundings. The general volume is presented with two different intentions. On the one hand, on the front façade, a series of overlapping boxes with minimal openings are erected in order to provide as much privacy as possible; on the other, on the rear façade, it was sought to give the greatest possible transparency to the great stone wall.

Large garden with rock walls
Garden with covered terrace
Night view of the modern construction
View from the garden of the elegant concrete construction
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Building in South Korea used as Artist Studios or Private Residences

By • Mar 16, 2018

Cornerstone 1-532 is a project designed by Leehong Kim Architects in 2012. The home is located in Seoul, South Korea, and covers a total ground area of 330 square meters. It is situated on a site bordered by a high end residential area to the north and a commercial area to the south.

View of the street where the building is located

The building is a four storey mixed use building, with a commercial space on the first floor and spaces to be used as artist studios or private residences on the remaining floors. This design allowed the architectural firm to expand the original plot site of 165 square meters and take advantage of the space to the utmost of their ability.

Elevated view of the construction
Front view of the main entrance
Modern interior with wooden floors
Exterior view

The structure presents a curved façade on one corner, which aids in the internal distribution of space, as it saved the architectural firm from having to partition the interior housed by the cylindrical shape. This first level interior is visible through the clear glass walls that line it, which serve to blend the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, and facilitate the communication between the two environments.

The entrances on the Southeast and Northwest of the building differ by nearly one floor, which creates an interesting discrepancy on the outer structure of the site.

Night view of the side of the construction
Interior night view from the exterior
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House with Triangular Shape and Three Levels

By • Mar 12, 2018

José Juan Rivera Río, lead architect at JJRR/Arquitectura, an architectural firm based in Mexico City, designed Ramos House in 2017. The private residence, built with a triangular shape, covers a total ground area of 540 square meters and is located in Mexico City, Mexico.

Exterior view full of vegetation

The home’s landscaping program is lush and verdant, granting a bit of green to an otherwise gray concrete façade, with vines climbing onto its walls and plants overflowing from plant pots at different levels of the outside walls. The interior is sober and elegant, with the exterior concrete walls continuing inward and contrasting with the rich wooden floors of the living and dining rooms. A round marble dining room table sits surrounded by chairs, their metal woven into a check pattern.

Entrance accompanied by green plants
Interior with glass walls and wooden floors

The home is, in its entirety, distributed across three levels. A basement takes advantage of the unevenness of the terrain and holds the parking and service areas under the house and garden. The first level holds the social areas — the living room, kitchen, and dining room, all at the same level as the garden, which gives them the privileged option to enjoy it. The second level holds the bedrooms, and is back leaning, which serves to give the front façade an air of lightness.

Stairs in stone
Area full of natural light
Flowers pot with beautiful plants
Bathroom with walls and countertop in marble
Sunset view of the upper terrace
Night view of the interior from the garden
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Concrete House with Spectacular Views Over the Sea

By • Mar 9, 2018

This fabulous house located in the city of Valencia, Spain, has wonderful views over the sea, which makes it even more attractive. It was designed by the Singular Studio architectural firm in 2016, and its development was lead by a team of architects consisting of José Moragues, Dionís Henarejos, and the interior designer Guste Kancaite.

Entrance stairs with stone walls
Pool area

It has an area of 200 square meters and was born of a visit to the country of origin of the owners of the house. They sought to emulate the architectural tradition of Soviet brutalism that historically has been so present in the life of the owners.

Terrace with wooden floors and pool
Terrace with furniture

They wanted to establish clear distinctions between what the house itself should be, and what it should be in conjunction with its location (in this case, an impressive natural landscape). Thus, the project became a mix of ideas that each serve to solve different needs.

One of the main challenges was to provide the house with the maximum possible privacy without blocking the exceptional sea views. Therefore, after assessing the variables of access, orientation, views, bioclimatic invariables, privacy and the steep slope of the plot, a layout was created. The resulting plan has an “L” shape, where the northeastern facade is made up of a large window that becomes a viewpoint to the sea, and the rest of the facades are opaque, as they are made of pure concrete, which ensures the owners have the privacy necessary to remain comfortable. In addition, and thanks to the contraposition of openings, the thermal mass, solar protections, and the detailed study of the shadows, a remarkably energy-efficient model was achieved.

Balcony with wooden floors
Glass-walled living room with wonderful views
Door that connects the interior with the terrace area
Modern stainless steel kitchen
Kitchen with sea views
Modern dining room with pendant lamp
Dining room with sea views
Second level with concrete walls
Entrance with modern furniture in vibrant colors
Wonderful night view of the pool area
Rest area on the terrace with sea view
Entrance door made of glass and concrete walls
Night view of the Jacuzzi area
Stone walls surround the house
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Magnificent Stone Construction in a Unique Mediterranean Environment

By • Mar 7, 2018

This wonderful house of a rustic style is located in Salento, near Salve in Italy, a few kilometers from the sea. It is a place to escape from the boring routine of life, immersed in the countryside and in the middle of nature, with millenary olive trees and maritime pines, surrounded by one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

View of the wide and open terrace
Detail of the rustic walls

It was designed in 2014 by the interior design studio Iosa Ghini Associati. In a unique Mediterranean environment, and in harmony with the surrounding marine landscape, Massimo Iosa Ghini has chosen to build a new house that integrates it with the very land, adopting techniques and materials suggested by local craftsmen and builders.

Terrace area for meetings
Small internal terrace
Living room with rustic walls and modern furniture
Living room with rustic fireplace
Kitchen seen from the living room
Dining room with round glass table
Dining-kitchen area
Modern kitchen in pale green and wood
Simple style double room
Room with stone walls
Bathroom in black and white

Arranged in a single level and in an extension of more or less than one hectare, the project respects the existing vegetation.

A large living room of six meters in length, facing south, merges with the kitchen and dining area and becomes the family gathering place, surrounded by four rooms with their own lobbies and bathrooms.

The large windows look outwards and are designed as a natural continuation of the interior space, with the external areas facing the terraces designed as a meeting place with armchairs, and underline the constant relationship between exterior and interior spaces.

Terrace area at night hours
Large terrace at night hours
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Modern Concrete and Glass Structure in the City of Valencia, Spain

By • Feb 26, 2018

Located in Godella, a municipality of the Valencian Community in Spain, this spectacular and modern concrete structure, in which its walls of stone and glass stand out, delights the senses with its imposing design, which contrasts with the blue sky, almost always present in the area where it is located.

View of the pool area with terraces

It was designed by the architectural firm Perretta Arquitectura under the leadership of the architects Julio Gómez-Perretta de Mateo, Marco Busca, Maria Dolores Bernal, Amparo Morant, Paula Zafra, Antonio Orero and Jorge Espí in 2017 and has an area of 600 square meters on a plot of more than 2000 square meters.

Wonderful terrace area with pool
Detail of the concrete structure
Internal garden with stone and glass walls
Internal garden

It has two structures, one in the form of an “I” and the second in the form of an “L.” Both figures are joined by a volume of bridge that includes the entrance hall and the staircase on the ground floor, as well as a study area for children on the first floor.

The structure designed in the shape of “L” has the living room and the kitchen, which moves from the rest of the rooms and joins directly to the garden, connected to the covered terraces, the barbecue, and the pool.

The structure in the shape of “I” contains the evening area, with the suite in the ground floor, three bedrooms on the upper floor, and the guest room.

Terrace with wooden floors
Interior in modern style
Modern living room full of natural light
Modern and minimalist kitchen-dining area
Elegant and modern dining room
Wooden stairs and modern railing
Large room with integrated bathroom
Night view of the terrace and the pool
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Beautiful Open-Spaced Home for Those in Touch with Nature

By • Feb 24, 2018

This 550 square meter home, full of light and open spaces, is located on the outskirts of the Playa de Carmen, in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It was designed by architectural firm AS Arquitectura in 2015 in a project led by the experienced architects named Alejandra Abreu Sacramento and Xavier Abreu Sacramento.

View of the backyard with a pool
Small terrace with a table in the garden

It is a home of contemporary design that incorporated the concept of fluidity of space, always seeking to integrate the outside with the inside through the creation of a central yard. This would help connect the home, and allow the spaces to be visually connected with the rest of the area as well as conserving the local fauna.

The location of the project responds to the conservation of the preexisting vegetation, using the less densely populated areas to develop the project, and creating the yard around a cluster of trees.

Blue-water pool

The concept of fluidity was achieved thanks to the aperture of all the spaces towards this central yard, thus integrating the exterior and interior. They created spaces that virtually appeared to be far larger, better illuminated, and had natural ventilation, apart from the beautiful views that complement the home. This added natural illumination and ventilation is an important plus, as it cuts back on the necessity of electric consumption.

Relaxation area on the covered terrace
View of the pool and gardens from the terrace
Modern kitchen in white and wood
Internal garden at night hours
Area of the terrace at night hours
Illuminated pool area at night hours
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Modern and Spacious House Located on a Hill in Guanajuato, Mexico

By • Feb 23, 2018

This modern and spacious 500 square meter building is located on a hill in San Miguel de Allende, in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico. Its design, carried out in the year 2012, was a project undertaken by architectural studio Estudio Manuel Peredo and the architects Juan Carlos de La Riva, Luis Carbonell, and Mariano Maldonado.

Beautiful gardens perfectly cared for
View of the house on slopes with stone wall

The concept of the house was to achieve a complete architectural program for the main user, prioritizing common areas, terraces, and garden views. The composition of the project is determined by the natural unevenness of the land. This was respected, and thus, the house was built in 3 separate levels, determined by the original topography. The highest level includes the service area and driveway.

Beautiful gardens with exotic plants
View of the house on slopes
Construction of white and stone walls
Modern main entrance

The next level is located in the middle level of the land where the main bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, half guest bathroom were located; terrace and pool. In the last level there are two guest rooms, a private terrace and bathroom / changing room.
The architecture seeks the integration of the construction to the desert context of the surrounding area, while the garden, through the irrigation system and chosen species, contrasts dramatically with the arid conditions, achieving the formation of a microclimate that makes the joint project an oasis.

Main entrance with glass walls
Stone garden with high walls
Walk with wooden slats and stones
Views of the landscape from the terrace
Internal view with cactus garden
Cactus garden over water source
Modern living room with wooden floors
Spectacular raw wood table
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This Extension of Steel and Glass More than Doubled the Size of this House

By • Jan 24, 2018

Marcel Breuer, the Hungarian-born modernist, architect, and furniture designer, originally designed this Connecticut home for himself in 1951. Its current owner, before placing the structure on the market for $4.35 million, commissioned New York City based architect Toshiko Mori to create an extension for the property. He, alongside Jolie Kerns, designed this steel and glass extension which doubles the size of the home and turns it into a four-bedroom home which covers a total ground area of over 5,000 square feet. The property is located in New Canaan, a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States.

Exterior view of the steel and glass annex

Though the previously existing structure already included all necessary living areas — such as the living and dining rooms, and kitchen — the Toshiko Mori addition now holds the master bedroom suite and children’s bedroom, as well as utility space, which includes the garage and mud room, on the lower level of the property. The two areas of the house are connected through a glass encased staircase.

Side view of the exterior with stone wall
Modern glass and steel annex
View of the two levels of the new annex
Detail of steel and glass construction

The new interior is spacious and luminous, as its walls are made mostly of glass, which allows a generous amount of natural light to seep into the rooms. Its chic interior décor adds to the home’s sense of easy and contemporary elegance.

Modern and elegant interior full of light
Internal glass door connects to the terrace
Elegant room with glass walls
Room with relaxation area and exterior views
Night view of the annex from the outside
Spectacular gardens with pool and stone walls
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This Selection of the Top 5 house in Montana, USA, Will Leave you Breathless

By • Jan 23, 2018

These five wonderful mountain homes have something in common: all are located in the dramatic mountains and vast plains of Montana, United States. Each one has different characteristics than the others, but nevertheless they are all part of the residential architecture in the United States.

Wooden construction with lake views
Wonderful view of the construction surrounded by nature

Some have been built as a refuge for a couple with adult children with enough space to house the family on reunion days. Another for an art collector who wanted a home in a natural environment, and what’s more natural than being in the mountains, surrounded by the green and thick vegetation that characterizes them, with its lakes and large trees?

Interior fully clad in wood

The constructions have been raised adapting to the terrain and the characteristics of each one have been designed to be as low-impact as possible to the environment.

Singular exterior of wood
Detail of wooden walls

All have a common denominator and it’s the use of wood and glass walls. The wood, which somehow manages to fuse the structure with the environment that surrounds it and makes it a part of it, and the glass walls, because thanks to them we can look out and take in the beautiful sights.

Terrace with views covered in wood
Night view of the construction anchored in the mountain
Cottage surrounded by thick vegetation
Cozy and warm interior with views over the mountain
Black wooden structure on the hill
Black wooden cabin under the white snow
Wonderful views over the pine forest
Impressive structure of wood and stone
Modern black metal stairs
Side area with stone fireplace
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Wonderful Reconstruction of an Abandoned House

By • Jan 22, 2018

This beautiful house of 240 square meters has been designed by the architecture firm Studio 4e under the direction of its architects Fabio Costanzo, Maria Rosaria Piazza, in the year 2017 in Italy.
In it, the architects have combined a rigorous and rational approach to the project with the expressive freedom typical of organic architecture, improving the relationship between interior and exterior through a careful dialogue with the preexisting environmental context.

Road to the house bordered by green grass
Beautiful contrast of red brick walls with white

They started from an existing structure built in the 1980s, which was never finished and was finally abandoned. The architects worked by subtraction, eliminating non-significant architectural parts and restoring the building to its essential components, improving existing qualities. The spaces have been completely reconfigured according to the needs of the new owners, defining a new architectural image based on the search for a refined visual balance.

Stairs leading to the main entrance
House surrounded by beautiful green gardens
Entrance with modern wooden door
External wooden stairs
Terraces on both levels of the house
Green gardens surround the construction
View of the surrounding thick vegetation

The house is divided into two levels, the ground floor has a living room and a cozy guest room, and on the first floor there is a living room consisting of a landing, bedrooms and two large terraces. The interior spaces are remarkable for their extraordinary brightness and natural light.

Wonderful interior full of light
Interior with modern details
Details of the modern design of the wall

The ground floor is illuminated thanks to a long wall made of large sliding glass doors, which in turn ensure continuity with the interior space of the house.

Interior glazed walls with views
Modern spiral staircase
Spectacular and elegant staircase in the shape of a snail
Second level with access to the terrace
Modern bathroom in white
Elegant bathroom in modern design
Night view of the exterior
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Old Construction has been Remodeled and Converted into the Main Building of Aalto University

By • Jan 22, 2018

ALA Architects, a Helsinki based architectural firm, has completed this project in 2017. Dipoli, as the building is called, was originally constructed in 1966 by Raili and Reima Pietilä to be the Student Union at the Helsinki University of Technology. Today, it has been fully renovated and has become the main building of Aalto University, which opened its doors for the Fall Semester of 2017. Located in Espoo, Finland, the structure covers a total ground area of 12,400 square meters.

Exterior view of the construction with stone walls
Side view with glass walls

After the renovation, the building will function as a meeting place for the university administration, the academic community, and the students, and will be the base for two hundred of the university’s administrative employees. It will also continue to function as the main location for lecture events and other university festivities, as well as a display platform for the university’s research and design projects. Additionally, the building also hosts restaurants, cafeterias, and a bar which caters to both students and staff members.

Front view with high walls in green
Interior with modern access stairs
Interior spacious and full of natural light
Interior of rustic walls and ceilings

The interior is open and spacious, with large clear glass windows that allow an abundance of natural light to seep into the interior. It also allows for a clear view of the surrounding buildings and greenery, creating a dialogue between the interior and the nearby architectural elements.

Spacious interior with skylights in the ceiling
Area with modern fireplace in black
Concrete and glass walls and modern fireplace
Open space area with wooden ceilings
Stairs that connect the different levels
Internal stairs with concrete walls
Sleeping area with fireplace
Lounges connected by sliding wooden doors
Interior space with rest areas
Space with tables and walls of natural stone
Brick fireplace