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Stone Walls

Spectacular Holiday Home Designed to House a Large Family

By • Jan 19, 2018

This cozy 8,500 square foot residence sits on a hillside at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village, Wyoming, United States and was designed in 2015 to house the extended family of a Brazilian restaurateur during their retreats in the summer and winter. It was designed by the architecture firm DYNIA ARCHITECTS, by its team of architects Stephen Dynia and Karen Parent, who have followed the rigorous design guidelines of the community which influenced its discreet exterior.

Wonderful exterior of wood and stone
Area with glass floors
Glass wall with wonderful views
Cozy resting area, with fireplace

Oakley stone vertically stacked on its outer walls is juxtaposed with naturally skated horizontal planks. The interior finishes are a palette of elegant and sober materials of white oak, gray stone and white plaster panels. The large windows and a large interior glazing package, which includes a glass floor over the entrance, allow maximum light infiltration and visually connect the two levels of the house. The main living spaces are on the second floor capturing views of the mountain to the south and the southwest.The house can accommodate up to 30 guests as it has 6 bedrooms and bunk spaces designed to measure in the lower level.

Views over the thick vegetation
Interior with wooden floors and stone fireplace
Wonderful lounge in gray tones with stone fireplace
Cozy lounge area with gray sofas
Double living area with glass walls
Small room with rest area and entertainment
Large and modern kitchen in wood and stainless steel
Large dining room seen from inside the kitchen
Dining room in wood and red textiles
Dining room with stone fireplace
Rest area with glass walls
Stairs connecting both levels
Modern room in wood
Room with reading and relaxation area
Room with modern and functional bunk beds
Modern bathroom in white and wood
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Comfortable and Cozy House with Wonderful Views

By • Jan 16, 2018

This house is located in an area of Jeju Island in Seogwipo-si, South Korea and is surrounded by a natural and relaxing environment with beautiful views over the ocean and Mount Hallasan. From the slope in which it is located, you can see out to the sea. It’s easy to see that the lifestyle here is unique, relaxing and full of the magic that comes from feeling surrounded by nature. It is surrounded by low stone walls and has two levels. The structure itself is surrounded by trees, adding another element of beauty while simultaneously providing shade and privacy.

Spectacular cabin made of stone and wood
Entrance to the cabin

Well-harmonized with the characteristics and the natural environment of Jeju, the house is a contemporary house that incorporates elements of traditional Korean residences (called Hanok), such as traditional eaves and wooden floors.

Cottage surrounded by green garden with vegetation
Interior full of natural light

The design, carried out by Guga architecture firm Urban Architecture, led by its team of professionals Jiyoung Joe, Soomin Yang and Seongeun Gu, was built in 2016 and has an area of ​​191 square meters.

Wonderful interior in wood and white
Kitchen-dining area with cirtsal walls
Living room with modern sofa and wooden floors
Modern comedror in wood and white
Large room with relaxation and reading area
Cozy room
Bathroom in rustic style
External view through the glass walls
Night view from the garden
Night view of the construction
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Luminous Modern House With Open Spaces

By • Jan 11, 2018

Located in a quiet area of the populous city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, away from the stress of city life and next to a lagoon, this house sought to adapt to the needs and life of the clients, whose profession is related to art and design. This was an important aspect in the decision to create a simple and functional house that is still seen as a piece of art. In order to do this, the architectural firm Remy Architects based the project around highlighting the functional organization of the same, and on trying to maintain the autonomy of the children and the independence of the parents.

Exterior view of the construction with concrete walls

The concept was based on the play of the volumes of the two superposed boxes that make up the construction, allowing the creation of large terraces for the enjoyment of the landscape.

The main entrance is located on the first level, in the social volume, which is accessed through a ramp. From there, we can continue to the space belonging to the children, which expands to the outside, or we can go up to the area of ​​the parents, who enjoy better views and more tranquility. This project had the great challenge of solar orientation, as the plot is south facing. However, the large skylight located above the central space and the openings placed in the north facade helped solve this problem, filling the entire house with light.

Modern living room with high ceilings
Luminous modern interior with white walls
Modern stairs with glass railings
High ceilings with skylights
Exterior night view with access ramp
Exterior night view
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Wooden Holiday House in the Center of a Vast Area of Green Fields

By • Jan 10, 2018

This house, located in a vast area of green fields and mountains that sleep in the distance of Puerto Varas, a city and Chilean commune located in the province of Llanquihue, was designed by Sebastián Bruna, member of the architectural firm Pe + Br + Re architects. The design intention was that the home should be a “magic box”, which provided residents a daily life that they could enjoy as much as if they were traveling or on holiday. The house had to give a constant vacation feeling, according to the order of its owners.

Construction located in the center of a field area

With a privileged view towards two active volcanoes, Osorno and Calbuco (which erupted in 2015), all spaces are oriented towards the east.

View of wooden construction
Wooden construction with terraces at both ends

An elongated volume is created that gradually raises the levels from the floor, adapting to the terrain, generating a semi-buried space with parking lots under the bedrooms. We pass through the house from north to south, and from public use to more private, making a fluid use of the different spaces. At both points, the house ends on an elevated terrace with views over the surroundings. Given that the south of Chile has many forests, and that wood is a material with a lot of presence and tradition in the area, it was selected for prominent use by applying it to cladding, structure, and furniture.

Terrace connected to the interior through glass walls
Furnished side terrace
Detail of the wooden beams on the roof
Stairs leading to the entrance
Area of private rooms with barn style doors
Room with glass walls
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If You Plan to Travel to Tuscany, do not Forget to Stay at this Wonderful Hotel in Lucca

By • Jan 9, 2018

Traveling to Tuscany is always a wonderful experience. Besides the stunning landscape that are its fields and green rolling hills, we can also enjoy the wonderful hotel El Albergo Villa Marta. This hotel was originally an old eighteenth century church that has been beautifully remodeled and converted into a space full of charm, and where spending a night or two would be an immense pleasure.

Narrow street with old stone buildings

The remodeling work was carried out by the architectural studio O2 studio, and the hotel is located in Lucca, a beautiful town situated in Tuscany, Italy. It covers an area of 80 square meters and is 200 years old, which makes it even more special.

Main facade of the original chapel
Recreation area with jacuzzi
Room in the main chapel

It is characterized by elegant and comfortable furniture, and boasts 15 bedrooms, two of which are luxury rooms located on the third floor of the villa. The chapel has been converted into a bedroom and is furnished with furniture that integrates the bed, TV, and sofa.

Spacious room with the old altar in the background
Room connected to the bathroom by French doors

The side aisles fulfill a new function and are configured as a walk-in closet and bathroom. The altar is still intact and remains the main element in the design. The hotel also has a swimming pool, a garden, free Wi-Fi, and two large parking lots available for guests.Inside the villa is the Botton D’Oro restaurant, which serves a variety of tasty dishes in a romantic atmosphere. The restaurant has a large terrace for summer evenings and is perfect for special occasions.

View of the internal bathroom of the room
Modern and luxurious bathroom with shower in gold
Bathroom with sink area and arched windows
Marble sink with gold pieces
Beautiful bathtub in gold and white
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Magnificent House with Walls of Stone, Brick, and Wood that Reflect an air of Yesteryear

By • Dec 29, 2017

This house in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico has been designed by the architectural studio AE Arquitectos in 2017, and covers an area of 1,335 square meters. This project sought achieve a few goals: the first, to integrate the spaces (common areas, and rooms) so that the inhabitants could carry out their activities and move from one area to another without problems.

Exterior view of the house with brick and stone walls
Rear garden with pool and terrace

The second was to achieve a regional look that harkens back to homes of yesteryear where stone and wood were fundamental materials. Within this contrast it was obvious that the conditions of the project were unique.

Pool area with garden and terraces
Stairs with stone and brick walls
Internal garden
Internal garden with stone walls
Internal stairs overlooking the interior garden

The formation of the land where the house was built had a very steep slope that ended in the cliffs several meters high. To solve the problem, the house was built one level below the street level. Taking advantage of this, the entrance of the house begins with a stairway through which we discover the house. The feeling of proximity gradually increases until it is revealed before us.

This construction was thought of as a constant encounter with nature. It has two patios and a garden. The house is built on a stone base, with copper tones and oxides that accentuate the intended classic style.

The details in shades of dark wood and the use of brick seem to help complement the feeling of warmth of the house.

Living-dining room decorated in rustic style
Corridor in the upper level with glass walls
Internal access to the stairs
Stairs with dark glass railings
Living-dining area connected to the internal garden
Internal garden with abundant vegetation
Night view from inside the garden
Night view from the back garden
Night view of the house with stone walls
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Elegant and Contemporary Home in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

By • Dec 15, 2017

This wonderful and luxurious home is located in one of the best residential areas of Madrid, Spain, Pozuelo de Alarcón, a small town located to the west of the metropolitan area of the Spanish capital.

Exterior view of the modern building
Exterior view of the pool

Its exterior possesses vast spaces full of recreational areas, such as an immense pool where we can take a cool dip on those days of intense Madrid heat. Its green gardens are perfectly manicured, providing us with spaces in which to relax both mentally and physically. Its structure is built in a contemporary style that combines the harshness of the rustic stone with the elegant transparency of the glass walls, through which natural light seeps in during the day, filling the spaces within with light and making them feel spacious and bright.

Beautiful stone and glass walls

The interior spaces are strikingly clean and filled with the color of the textiles used in the décor, which break the monotony and give it a touch of vibrant joy.

The most striking feature of the house, without a doubt, is its glass walls. They allow not just the light to seep in, but also connect the interior with the exterior, creating a dialogue between the two that feels natural and provides residents with joy and tranquility.

Interior full of light and color
Interior full of light and color
Interior with glass walls
Interior with glass walls
Interior with glass walls
Open white kitchen
White dining room with glass walls
Bedroom with wooden floors and glass walls
Study and library
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Furniture Store Located in Tolmezzo, Italy by Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati

By • Dec 11, 2017

This furniture store, which is located in Tolmezzo, in the province of Udine, in Italy, was designed by Mentil Federico from the architectural firm Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati in 2005.

Exhibition area enclosed in glass
Exterior halls

The lot, measuring a total of 110 square meters, had been previously used as a warehouse deposit for a small shop from the 1970s. A first intervention turned it into a commercial space dedicated to the sale of products to complement bathroom furniture. A second intervention expanded its size.

Exterior halls
Exhibition area enclosed in glass

The need for an exposition space for the different pieces of furniture, in particular for the wood fireplaces, suggests to clients a new expansion that will be built beside the warehouse previously mentioned, in a lot formerly occupied by a parking lot. The wishes of the client were to create a new space that would communicate through the creation of window exhibitions.

External exhibition area
External exhibition area

The plane is broken, in a way, by a small space open to the sky, which can be observed through two windows opposite. There, a small garden grants the air life and floor, while at the same time dividing the space in two – into the furniture exhibition with a reception and meeting area, and into a visualization area.

External exhibition area
External exhibition area
External exhibition area
Chair exhibition
Chair exhibition
Office area
View from the second level
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
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Wonderful Holiday Villa in the Mountains Designed for Those Who Like to Enjoy Nature

By • Nov 30, 2017

Villa Slow, located in an area surrounded by thick vegetation, has been designed to accommodate people who enjoy direct contact with nature. This includes couples, families with children, and people that just want to be surrounded by friends.

Warm holiday villa in the mountains surrounded by nature
Villa in the mountains with stone walls and barn doors

The house is located in a very special natural area known for its spring water, and thus Villa Slow has its own source of clean water.

Wonderful stone walls that add a rustic touch
Side view of the villa with wooden doors
Wooden doors connecting the rooms with the outside

This magnificent refuge in the mountains of Valle del Miera, Cantabria, Spain, is designed and built with great attention to detail by the architectural firm Laura Alvarez Architecture.
The house is very respectful of the environment that surrounds it. Its design is based on the traditional typology of a Casa Pasiego (name given to the typical houses of this region of Spain), but with a contemporary touch. The rough but charming exterior with stone walls and roof contrast with the delicate structure and wooden details of the interior.

Terrace with wonderful views over the mountains that surround it

Two large panoramic windows in the living room facing in opposite directions allow us to gaze upon the beautiful scenery of mountains, clouds, and trees. The wonderful landscape of the exterior can be enjoyed in the comfort and warmth of the home’s interior.

Terrace with rustic wood dining room
Terrace connected to the interior by glass doors
Modern and comfortable interior corner with views of the mountains
Living room with retro-style furniture in dark gray

It also pays special attention to sustainability and is qualified as a passive house. Among its many details, it has a heat pump, underfloor heating and insulation, and high-quality windows for minimum heat loss.

All electronic devices are A +++ (appliances with minimum energy consumption). The high-performance glass heats the interior in the winter and the large wooden shutters protect it during the summer from heat gain. All the materials used to build Villa Slow come from the Cantabria area.

Living room decorated in retro style with antique fireplace in black embedded in the wall
General view of the living-dining room with high wooden ceilings
Corner furnished with retro armchairs overlooking the mountains
Modern and simple kitchen in white and wood
Modern, bright room with glass doors that allow exterior views
Simple room in light colors with white closet
Room with studio area containing a small desk in dark wood
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House with Stone Walls and Fantastic Views of the Mountains, Located in Italy

By • Nov 28, 2017