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Spectacular Project Undertaken by Architectural firm Martin Ferrero Architecture in the Yucatan Peninsula

By • Jun 11, 2018

A hybrid house by design, this project was undertaken by architectural firm Martin Ferrero Architecture, led by its professional architect Daniel Martín Ferrero. It is located on an island in the Caribbean Sea, near the Mexican Yucatan peninsula; its exact location, however, is not one that we can share publicly.

Spectacular panoramic view of the project
Aerial view of the project

It was ordered by a Swiss client with the intention of creating a home that was the definitive fusion of art, nature, and architecture. The client was specifically inspired by other architectural works, most notably House Fallingwater – by Frank Lloyd Wright – and Farnsworth House – by Mies van der Rohe. He wanted to adapt the architecture and language of the projects “Xálima Island House” and “Pabellón del Agua” to a Caribbean island where the Mesoamerican culture could be seen in all its splendor.

Aerial view of the modern project

This was all done in order to create a vocational home where the owner could experience a true tropical paradise and pay homage to the arts. It is a symbiosis between the environment and the artifice of the human race, where nature, steel, wood, and glass combine to create an architectural style that is dedicated to the human senses.

The project greatly appreciates the abundant vegetation
Spectacular construction over high rocks

The design investigates the potential of the fusion between the ancient Mayan architecture and the treatment of the fluid spaces of the modernist design. This gives way to a project that rewrites the traditions and vernacular of the modern elements with contemporary construction.

It specifically occupies a space of 26,000 square meters, with a total area of 42,500 square meters. Each of the twelve bedrooms – each roughly one thousand square meters in size – offers all of the commodities naturally associated with a luxurious a project as this.

Multiple terraces with pools and relaxing areas
Terraces with natural pools and resting areas
Terraces of modern and elegant design
Open areas with marvelous gardens
Open areas
Large interior filled with light
Interior full of elegance
Interior in which the different levels are appreciated
Area with glass walls
Interior with excellent design
Luxurious details
Interior open to external gardens
Nocturnal view of the area
Marvelous exterior views in nocturnal hours
Spectacular modern design
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Apartments in Shades of Gray Full of Luxury and Comfort

By • Apr 16, 2018

This luxurious apartment has been decorated with an exquisite taste by the firm Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects, and it is located in the city of Putuo, China.
The project, with a full range of shades of gray, creates an atmosphere with an air of elegant and meditative calm, which would perfectly adapt to the wishes of a globetrotter after a long and exhausting journey.

Elegant and sober black entrance door
Wonderful interior full of natural light

In the middle of a forest of 20,000 trees, the “Schwarzwald” apartment towers offer the unique synthesis of living a modern urban life in a quality environment. Many metropolitans long for a place of tranquility and relaxation where their families adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To fulfill these wishes, an innovative project with a vision of the future was created, which meets the highest standards in terms of comfort and quality of life.

Modern and elegant lounge in shades of gray
Modern and current details
Living room full of elegance and glamour

The layers and interactions of premium materials, fascinating textures and high contrast surfaces make this 250 square meter apartment a metropolitan sanctuary with an impressive view of the urban skyline of Shanghai.
Warm shades of gray, natural wooden surfaces, indirect lighting, and lush fabrics contrast with the smooth surfaces of the rooms and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to a sophisticated combination of marble, unpretentious white sanitary ware, and accessories in black and gold, the bathrooms unfold in an aura of classic and timeless taste.

Living room separated by a transparent glass shelf
TV area with marble wall
Modern studio with glass wall
Elegant resting area in the studio
Study area with marble wall
Kitchen with access to the balcony
Kitchen in shades of gray
Modern kitchen in white with gray marble counter
Modern dining area in black and deep blue
Dining room in black and deep blue
Elegant dining room
Modern and sober room
Room with balcony access
Room with internal bathroom with glass walls
Modern room with views
Room with marble wall
Bathroom in white and marble and gray
Elegant bathroom with views
Bathroom in white and marble and gray
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Chic Contemporary Design for a Young Couple

By • Feb 9, 2018

Ovenecká, as this chic contemporary interior is named, is located on Ovenecká Street, near Letná Square in the Prague 7 district of Prague, in the Czech Republic. The project consists of an apartment reconstruction that was completed in late 2017 by Klára Valová and Eva Mohylová of the Czech architectural firm SMLXL. The apartment covers a total ground area of 105 square meters.

Modern living room in vibrant blue

The apartment was renovated in order to make it into a home for a young couple. While the remodeling focused mostly on design features, the architectural firm did not shy away from making changes to the construction of the apartment, as it modified the original layout of the interior space.

Detail of modern TV furniture
Modern and elegant desk area

The living room is decorated with parquet flooring, arranged in a French style. SMLXL chose to combine more traditional elements with details that were colorful and more industrial, creating an end result that is unique and refreshing. The color blue serves as a unifying element throughout the different spaces of the home, as it can be found in the paint of the living room exposed brick wall, the sofa, the blue mosaic that frames the bathtub in the bathroom, and the doors leading to the private bathroom from the bedroom. Metal is used in various forms, and can be found in a sliding door that separates the areas of the entrance and the living room, framing on shelves, and in the kitchen.

Details of wood and steel shelves
Simple and elegant entrance
Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Modern kitchen with industrial hanging lamps
Kitchen countertop in wood with modern chairs in black
Dining room with industrial lamp in black
Internal corridor with closet area
Modern and cozy corner for resting
Details of wooden doors
/ Bedroom in black and white
Modern bedroom with storage spaces
Modern and vibrant bathroom
Bathroom combines concrete with modern blue mosaic area
Sober bathroom in white and gray
Bathroom door in vibrant blue
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Modern Apartment in Portugal With Wonderful Views Over The City

By • Feb 6, 2018

Apartment Portugal, a stylish apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil, was designed in 2017 by Gabriel de Lucca from the architectural firm GDL Arquitetura. It covers a total ground area of 140 square meters, and was designed for a family who required integrated spaces. The architectural firm sought to create a large and fluid space that would take advantage of the natural lighting conditions the apartment enjoys by eliminating partitions and uniting all the individual rooms to form a spacious whole.

Corridor with beautiful wooden floors

Bespoke furnishings populate all spaces, existing in complete harmony alongside other pieces of furniture, both from contemporary and vintage origins. Sober and neutral tones, as well as surfaces covered in wood, come together to create a single space that feels united and cozy. The light from above falls softly upon all surfaces, as it hits them indirectly, and creates a comfortable atmosphere that anybody could call home.

Living-dining-kitchen open area, full of natural light

The color palette used is based on earthy, neutral tones, maintaining an air of peace and serenity throughout the space. Sparse decorative accessories add personality to the rooms without taking away from this minimalistic quality, giving it the perfect balance between stylish and cozy. The dining room, with its vertical garden on one of its walls, looks out into the city, providing guests and residents alike stunning views.

Living room with leather sofa and wooden walls
Tv area with blue chair
Light wood dining room and hanging lamps
Dining room with vertical garden
Vertical garden detail
Night view of the city
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Modern and Functional Apartment in Palermo, Italy

By • Feb 2, 2018

House A223 is a private residence designed by the Italian architectural firm Studio DiDeA in 2017. The home is located in Palermo, the capital city of the autonomous region of Sicily, in Italy. It covers a total ground area of 66 square meters.

Living-dining-kitchen sharing a space

Located in downtown Palermo, the building was formerly a brick manufacturing facility in a historical building. The end result of this transformation is a tiny loft with ingenious space saving and storage solutions, and which features double height spaces and an elegant black steel staircase. The interior décor is done in a limited palette of neutral shades of gray against white, giving all spaces a touch of serenity and peace. Such a choice also grants the interior a sense of bright spaciousness.

Gray metal stairs
Small kitchen convertible in dark gray

An elegant black steel staircase takes the center stage in the interior space, providing a sculptural center piece for the interior to revolve around. It ingeniously conceals an understair kitchen closet, maximizing the use of space in the interior of the home. The kitchen becomes an extension of the underside of the stairs, as it is done in the same shade of cool gray. Its cabinetry is designed so as to take advantage of the available space in the best way possible.

Convertible kitchen that adapts to the needs of the residents
Small kitchen located under the stairs
Small convertible kitchen
Kitchen with expandable table
Modern dining room with wooden table and chairs in black
Small living room with sofa in gray and TV area
Modern dining room with stairs at the far end
Bedroom with wooden floors and arch-shaped ceilings
Bedroom full of light
Wooden corridor with gray metal railings
Modern bathroom in shades of beige
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House With Wonderful Views that Can be Enjoyed Both Inside and Outside

By • Jan 31, 2018

This house has wonderful panoramic views from all of its rooms, an undeniable privilege that automatically turns it into a special place. It has wooden shutters that slide adjusting to the position of the sun, providing privacy as well as shade, filtering the intense rays of the sun that pass through its windows.

Facade with closed lattices for privacy

It has been designed by the architectural firm Golany Architects, led by the architects Yaron Golany and Galit Golany, and is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Completed in 2016, the home occupies a total ground area of 200 meters of the lot’s total 500 square meters.

Facade with open lattices that allow the passage of light
Beautiful garden from which to enjoy the views of the mountains
Venetian blinds on both levels that allow residents to control the amount of light that flows in
Corner with glass walls that connect to the garden
Views of the mountains from the interior

The installed lattices block the views towards the interior and maintain privacy while allowing those inside the opportunity to enjoy the landscape from the comfortable interior. Windows and doors are recessed to improve climate control, creating intermediate spaces in the shaded areas out of doors. Even during the hot summer days, these measures keep the house cool and pleasant.

Interior corridor created between glass walls and lattices
View of the interior through the glass walls
Modern living room with concrete walls and floors
Effects created by lattices and glass walls
Modern Living-dining room seen from the kitchen

It was a challenge to design this residence and maintain visual continuity from the site to the horizon. The residence is designed on two floors, conserving meters of outdoor area and allowing the outdoor space to breathe. Both the house and the garden are level to obtain optimal view distance, fusing with the surrounding landscape.

Modern dining room in wood
Modern dining room with views of the mountains
Bedroom with studio area and terraces with views
Terraces with lattices to control the entrance of natural light
Bedroom with studio
Terrace connected to the bedroom
Views from the living room during sunset
Night view of the house from the outside
Night view from the gardens
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Remodeled Stalinist Style Apartment was converted into a Modern Space with a Retro Touch

By • Nov 20, 2017

This project is the remodeling of a floor from an old Stalinist house located in Moscow, Russia. These buildings obviously cannot be compared to modern buildings with multiple apartments, but there are many who love these old houses of low rise buildings, with thick and reliable brick walls, good ceiling height and a style special from old Moscow, amongst many other qualities.

Small terrace with furniture
Interior of the sober living room with wooden floors

The one responsible for the transformation of this apartment, which originally looked depressing and dismal, was architect Maxim Tikhonov from the architectural firm m2project, who turned it into a modern space with a retro touch.

Living room connected to the kitchen

In the kitchen and in the bedroom, brick walls have been kept. These give a touch of warmth to the spaces. In the living room, glass doors have been placed, connecting the small balconies and allowing natural light to enter and fill the spaces, thus eliminating the reigning darkness that was one of the main causes of the depressing impression that was perceived before remodeling.

Living room with doors to the terrace
Cozy living room with kitchen at the end

The design also shows a wide abundance of textures, painted walls, blocks, bricks, concrete, oak floors. To avoid overloading the spaces, it was decided to give the walls a predominantly white coat of paint.

Armchair in beige on red rug
Living room with TV cabinet
Kitchen with countertop in white
Kitchen in black and white
Kitchen cabinets in black with white countertop
Small round dining table
Bedroom with desk area
Bedroom with black bricks wall
Bedroom with closet with deep blue curtain
Rest area in the bedroom
Rocking chair
Desk area
Desk with book shelves
Book shelves
Bathroom module
Bathroom interior and laundry area
Bathroom in white
Bathroom in wood and marble
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Elegant and Modern Family Apartment Full of Charm and Warmth

By • Oct 23, 2017

This elegant project, with 1,399 square feet of space, was designed in 2017 by the firm ALLARTSDESIGN, led by designer Saranin Artemy, in the city of Perm, Ural, Russia. It is an apartment that has two levels that have been connected by a ladder, made in wood and black metal, that rises in parallel to a red-brick wall, creating a perfect combination of materials. In the living room, a long sofa with a capacity for 7 people is waiting for us. This kind of furniture will certainly come in handy when the time for family reunions come. The sofa is accompanied by tall, green, and leafy plants that give freshness to the space.

Interior of the living room with red brick wall
Modern white sofa and tv area
White sofa with thick red carpet and beautiful wooden ceilings
Living room with white sofa in the background stairs and red brick wall
White sofa and fireplace area

Behind the sofa two armchairs were placed in front of the beautiful fireplace creating an intimate and welcoming space that invites you to relax in the heat of the fire. In the lighting of the room, several hanging lamps were installed in various styles and materials to provide enough light, as well as floor lamps in different styles, one of them in “director style,” one of my favorites!

Cozy corner with fireplace and two armchairs
Fireplace area with director style lamp
Cozy corner with fireplace

The modern white kitchen contrasts with the red brick wall and is accompanied by a modern breakfast room with combined gray and yellow chairs, a cozy space.

Dining room integrated in the kitchen with chairs in mustard and gray
Modern dining room with white table
Cozy dining area
Kitchen with wooden top and red brick wall
Modern kitchen in white with brick wall
Wooden stairs and black metal railings
Stairs with brick wall
Entrance to the sauna
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Cozy and Charming House Extension

By • Oct 23, 2017

Cozy and Charming Space Exterior deck

This project is located in a typical “Amsterdam School” neighborhood, a style of architecture that arose during the 1910s and lasted until about 1930 in the Netherlands. It has been completely renovated thanks to Jasper Grool Architect, resulting in a spacious, fully-functional home.

Cozy and Charming Space Exterior deck
Interior view from the back garden

The space, with a design that includes a structure that stretches from the entrance to the garden, has been remodeled to add an extra area where three bases have been located: a living area on the side of the street, a kitchen in the central part, and the dining area on the side of the garden. There are also folding metal doors, which give maximum accessibility to the outside space.

Cozy and Charming Space - Folding Door
Wooden dining room with colorful chairs seen from the outside
Cozy and Charming Space - Glass black framed door
Interior separated by glass doors
Cozy and Charming Space - Glass framed door and hardwood parquet floor
Internal area with parquet floors
Cozy and Charming Space - open space kitchen layout
Shared spaces between the kitchen and the dining room
Cozy and Charming Space With Marble Kitchen Countertop
Modern kitchen with white marble counter

The house is decorated in a modern style, and yet there are some classic details that have allowed us to create balance and symmetry in the design, where the taste for art and quality furniture is in full splendor.

Cozy and Charming Space - Sleep storage space Doors
Storage space with sleek doors

The private rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms have been created in parallel, separated from the rest of the home by glass doors with bases of black metal. Natural light gently seeps into these intimate spaces, giving them warmth.

Cozy and Charming Space - Elegant Gray door Closet
Elegant room with gray closet
Cozy and Charming Space - Glass doors to bathroom area
Glass doors that lead to private area
Cozy and Charming Space - Bathroom with gray accents and walk in shower
Modern bathroom with wooden furniture and gray accents
Cozy and Charming Space - Narrow Bathroom Design
Modern bathroom in gray tones

The result is cozy and warm spaces that provide comfort and relaxation to its inhabitants.

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Mooseberry Design Creates an Apartment for a Student in Kiev

By • Mar 14, 2017

Apartment for a Student in Kiev by Mooseberry design (1)

On most university campuses, student housing can get pretty cramped. If you’ve ever done it for an extended period of time, then you’ve probably become something of an expert when it comes to living in and navigating a small space. Student apartments might not quite constitute actual “micro-living”, but some of them get pretty close! Some architects and designers out there, however, seek to remind us that just because you’re living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t do so with style. Apartment For a Student is proof of that!


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Ganna Design Creates an Apartment for a Fashion Designer Couple in Taoyuan, Taiwan

By • Mar 1, 2017

In House by Ganna design (3)

Are you an artist or designer of some type who has always dreamed about having your own studio, but hopes to some day own your own home too? Well, many artists and creative people we know reconcile those two desires by combining them, doing their best to create a home where they can comfortably both live and work on the things that they’re passionate about, with enough or equal space to do each so that life and work or hobbies don’t overlap so much that the place becomes chaos. To create a home space like this, however, you need a decent amount of space, lots of storage, and a fairly open concept. In House is the perfect example of exactly what we mean by that!


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Klopf Architecture Remodels a Private Home in Mountain View, California

By • Dec 26, 2016

Mountain View Double Gable Eichler by Klopf Architecture (8)

Mountain View Double Gable Eichler Remodel is a private residence renovated by Klopf Architecture.

It is located in Mountain View, California, USA and was completed in 2015.


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Geometrium Visualizes an Apartment for a Young Family in St. Petersburg, Russia

By • Dec 25, 2016

Kazanskaya by Geometrium (3)

Kazanskaya is a project designed by Geometrium.

It is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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Ganna Design Creates a Private Residence in New Taipei City for a Young Couple

By • Dec 22, 2016

V by Ganna design (3)

V is a private home located in Xindian, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Completed in 2016, it was designed by Ganna Design.


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IDwhite Designs a Tiny Contemporary Apartment in Kaunas, Lithuania

By • Dec 21, 2016

Contemporary Interior Box by IDwhite (4)

Contemporary Interior Box is a residential project designed by IDwhite in 2016.

It is located in Kaunas, Lithuania.


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AworkDesign Studio Creates a Home with an Open Design in Taoyuan, Taiwan

By • Dec 21, 2016

Explorer by AworkDesign Studio (1)

Explorer is a private residence designed by AworkDesign Studio.

It is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan and was completed in 2016.


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Geometrium Visualizes a Home for a Young Family in Moscow

By • Dec 16, 2016

Akvareli is a residential project designed by Geometrium for a young family.

It is located in Balashiha, Moscow, Russia.


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