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Black Cube by KameleonLab

By • Apr 3, 2014

Black Cube by KameleonLab (7)

Located in Wroclaw, Poland, Black Cube is a private residence designed by KameleonLab.

The home is spacious and warm, with high ceilings and plenty of natural light.


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Small is Beautiful: 29 Square Meters by 3XA

By • Aug 1, 2013 •  Selected Work 

29 Square Meters is a project located in Wroclaw, Poland and completed by 3XA.

The entire apartment, as its name suggests, covers only an area of 29 square meters – roughly 312 square feet.


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House with ZERO Stairs by Przemek Kaczkowski and Ola Targonska

By • Nov 9, 2011

Polish architects Przemek Kaczkowski and Ola Targonska has recently completed the House with ZERO Stairs projecT.

This single story contemporary residence is located in Wroclaw, Poland.


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