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Takashi Okuno Designs this House for a Young Couple Whose Desire was to Live Among the Landscapes that Grew Up

By • Oct 16, 2017

This house, designed for a young couple whose desire was to live among the landscapes in which they grew up, was designed by the architectural firm Takashi Okuno in the year 2016.

Takashi Okuno made it their mission to always keep the couple’s wishes in mind, as well as do everything they possibly could to ensure that the interior of the house coexisted with the exterior gardens. The plan was to create a sensible connection between the main spaces of the house, such as living rooms and dining rooms, with the landscape.

It is located in Tanba, Japan and covers an area of approximately 83 square meters, in which the rooms are connected together in a single space. However, each is designed with its own style to avoid a feeling of monotony.

The sounds of the animals in the paddy fields outside provide a lullaby, the clouds in the mountains allow the residents to predict the weather, and the colors of the mountains help them recognize the changing seasons.

The natural light that enters through strategically placed doors and windows fills the spaces and allows the rooms to be pleasant and reflect a sense of well-being.
The beautiful, light-wood floors add a touch of warmth.

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