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This 1960’s Shop in Porto is Transformed into a Snazzy Modern Apartment

By Sophie Johnson


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Love smart conversions and nifty renovations that save energy and resources? So do we and they are the perfect way to also find new design ideas which blend the old with the new in a seamless manner. Designed by Fala, the Uneven House in Porto, Portugal is one such clever home that was previously a ground floor shop and basement in a complex that was originally built in the 1960’s.

Ground floor shop and basement turned into a modern apartment

It is easy to admire the brilliant design that turns the cramped old shop and dark basement into a lovely contemporary apartment that is filled with natural light. A large living area that extends from the front façade to the rear section is the heart of the new house with kitchen and dining space next to it.

Marble floor along with pink ceiling showcases a unique eclectic interior that feels cheerful
Marble and glass create a stunning, fashionable interior

The Uneven House functions seamlessly despite the different levels inside the house and a new marble floor, pink ceiling and mirrored sections add to its brightness. Life inside the apartment feels rich and relaxing. Step outside and the new private yard is equally inviting. Even the outdoors seems to embrace a black and white color scheme – something that work so very well on the inside of the house.

Black and white color scheme brings life to both the exterior and the interior of the house
Modern and gorgeous rear yard of the uneven house with glass walls leading to the interior

Wooden door with marble handles, luxurious bedrooms and modern bathrooms complete the fancy makeover. Smart and sensible, this Portuguese home appears sophisticated and yet eclectic at the same time – a rare quality to have indeed!

Lovely glass facade stands between the interior and the outdoor
Street facade of the Uneven House in Porto cleverly hides its modern interior
View of the private rear yard of the Uneven House in Porto from distance
Wooden doors with marble handles make an instant impact
Design plan of Uneven House deigned by Fala

Photographs Credit: Ricardo Loureiro

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