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Tourist Hostel designed by Proyecto Cafeína in the Cty of Puebla in Mexico

HOSTAL TOSEPANKALI is a tourist project located in Cuetzalan, in the northern Sierra of Puebla, Mexico. It is completely surrounded by nature and is perfectly integrated into its surroundings. It was designed by the architectural firm Proyecto Cafeína in 2014, and has a total area of 335 square meters.

The hostel consists of eight rooms, a common covered area and a campfire area, all rooms have private bathroom as well as a locker room.

Its exterior design stands out for the undulating shape that has been given to its roof, creating a kind of spiraling structure that runs through all the spaces and ending on both sides in peaks that seem to fall yielded on the ground.

Inside, the high ceiling gives us the feeling of a bigger space than it really is, with beautiful rustic decoration, that we can appreciate in the walls of stone and bamboo beams that rise to the ceiling and cross it. The furniture follows the same line, with small seats made in bamboo that remind us at every moment where we are.

The rooms, with beds—also with bamboo frames—placed one on top of another, present us with a wonderful option we have for resting in this pleasant and quiet place.

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