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Tree House Designed by IanD Studio

By • Jul 24, 2017

Who, when they were small, did not dream of going up to a tree house and hiding there, feeling safe? Well, you still have time to make that dream come true in this tree house designed by Cambridge graduates Andong Lu and Pingping Dou of IanD Studio. The home is a weekend getaway home hoisted high into the tree canopies of Mount Qiyun, a mountain and national park located in Xiuning County in Anhui Province, China.

Of course, this home is a bit more sophisticated than those we used to see on TV and that we wished to have in our backyards, but, no matter how you look at it, this is a tree house!

The wonderful wooden structure is surrounded by thick vegetation, which provides it with a certain degree of privacy as well as shade. Its surroundings are characterized by mountains and hills, so that the views from its perch are simply stunning.

Its interior, completely done in fine wood, are spectacular. High ceilings and a canopy bed surrounded by a gossamer fabric that seems to float in the breeze.

This is a space full of light where nature is definitely present and where we are allowed to enjoy it from a serene and tranquil interior.

In the terrace, a hot tub invites us to enjoy the views from the comfort of its interior.

Aerial view of the cabin in the thick forest
Entrance through a wooden ramp
Interior with wooden walls and floors
Terrace with hot tub
Interior with wooden walls and floors
Exterior view from the interior of the cabin
Night view of the exterior

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