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Gruppa Geometra Designs a Trendy Apartment in Moscow, Russia

By Magaly Grosso


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Is your style one that might be described as “over the top”, “bold”, or even “eccentric”? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’d be one of the more fun cases for an innovative interior design and architectural team to work with! Our absolute favourite combination, however, is when an eccentric homeowner and a creative designer get together and not only make a home that fits their shared tastes, but also name it as such so that the entire space is a package experience. That’s exactly what happened when Supreme Apartment was built!

Supreme Apartment is a breathtakingly unique private home located in the heart of Moscow, Russia. A stunning example of mixed aesthetics and the innovative use of patterns and shapes, this apartment was designed and created by interior teams at Gruppa Geometra.

The first unique feature we noticed about Supreme Apartment is the emphasis on photos used as wall murals. This brings an artistic sense of realism to each room, connecting visitors with the outside world even though they might never have been to the place depicted on the wall. Looking up, you’ll notice that, all throughout the home, uniquely shaped pendant lights are also heavily featured. This provides light and interesting visual no matter which room you’re spending time in.

The furniture and fabrics throughout the apartment also contribute to the artistic eccentric nature of the decor. Curtains, wallpapers, and bed spreads feature bold patterns like blocked stripes in solid colours. The bathroom walls, which are arguably one of the most eye catching features in the home, are a stellar example of geometric images complemented by accent pieces in colours that pull out parts of the pattern. Bold designs and interesting shapes are some of the best ways to really let your personality shine through in your home decor!

Photos by: Sergey Ananiev

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