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Sycamore Architects Create a Two-Level Penthouse With a View in Rome, Italy

By Magaly Grosso


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This two-level penthouse with 295 m2 is located in one of the most important streets in the city of Rome, Italy – the Viale dei Parioli. Its owners have the privilege of being able to see the dome of the Basilica of Saint Peter from the comfort of their own terraces, every single day… We could not imagine a better view!

It was remodeled by Sycamore Architects in 2015, creating a monochromatic and somewhat eclectic space where we can find a combination of styles. In the spacious living room there are two rest areas. A sofa upholstered in fluffy brown fabric along with a Chester model sofa fills the main area. The lighting system, quite striking, consists of a series of hanging lamps at different points and at different levels, giving the entire arrangement an arresting effect.

Long wooden terrace with views towards the city of Rome and at the bottom… the Basilica of Saint Peter
Side terrace aisle

The modern dining room, done in dark colors that contrast with the white used on the floors and walls, is illuminated by a series of hanging lamps shaped like plates that reflect the light on the dining table.

Hall in white and gray tones with hanging lamps
Living room, reading area, and dining area
Soft sofa in gray fabric, at the end of the dining room
Hanging lamps
Black dining table and red chairs with hanging lamps


The kitchen, spacious and vast, was done in dark tones and stainless steel. White lamps hang above an informal dining room that shares this space with the kitchen.


Dark wood kitchen combined with stainless steel

Enveloped by a spectacular set of aluminum stairs, we find the elevator, a small cabin with walls done in glass – without a doubt the focal point of the interior of the house.

Steel stairs and side view of elevator
Night view of the terrace

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