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A Unique Wooden Home in Kamakura, Japan

By Magaly Grosso


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This peculiar project, covering an area of 144 square meters, is located in the city of Kamakura, Japan. It was completed by Watanabe’s Tokyo-based studio for a couple and their three children. The beautiful and traditional exterior of this house urges us to imagine what we will find once we are inside. Once there, we find that it is full of surprises and magnificent ideas that many of us will probably want to copy.

I confess that when I saw the first images of this project, where there were still spaces without furniture, I found it strange to see so many columns of wood crossed in the spaces and I asked myself, “What purpose does it serve to fill everything with wooden planks that only get in the way?” However, after seeing why they were there and what they were intended to be used for, it seemed like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to have those spaces full of books? I’m in!

But let’s continue to see what other good ideas this project can offer us.

The wooden columns were not only used to hold bookshelves aloft, but also, in some cases, to hold embedded furniture in the form of drawers, which bring tree houses to mind.

Front exterior of the house
Diagonal exterior of the house
Side view
View of the interior through the wooden columns
View of the interior through the wooden columns
View of the space completely covered in wood in floors, walls, and ceiling
Exit to a small terrace through glass doors
View of the space before being decorated

View of the living-dining room from the kitchen
View of the living-dining room from the kitchen

In the bedroom, they were even used to serve as the base for the closets.

Bedroom. Floors, walls, and ceiling in wood
Wooden columns used to create bookshelves and spaces to decorate

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