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A Vacation Home for Nature Lovers

By Magaly Grosso


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This weekend home is located in Slovakia, perched on the shore of a lake and surrounded by a lush forest. It was designed in 2017 by the Slovakian architectural firm Hantabal Architekti, who are based in Bratislava. The home covers a total ground area of 180 square meters.

Quiet and serene lake in front of the house

It was important that the home would respect the landscape in which it sits, adapting itself to the shape of the terrain instead of the other way around. From the middle of the home, this terrain begins to slope in a descent toward the lake. As a result, part of the rear ground floor is embedded into the earth.

Forest of tall trees that cover the house
Wooden facade and glass doors
House surrounded by a thick forest
View of the construction protected by wooden doors
Terrace with wooden floors overlooking the lake
Side concrete stairs

Several things were taken into account when determining the distribution and internal layout of the property, such as the requirements of the client, the orientation of the structure, an optimal use of perspective, and the best way in which to remain in contact with both the garden and the lake.

Interior with social areas with modern furnishings
Modern internal wooden stairs
Social area full of elegance and good taste
Terrace seen from inside the living room
Detail of wooden stairs
Modern light wooden stairs

The surrounding forest seems to seep into the home, first through the pine cladding on the façade walls, and then through the wooden surfaces found inside the home, such as the stair steps, and both bathroom and bedroom walls.

Room with view of the lake
Modern bathroom with wood-paneled walls
Night view of the exterior of the house facing the lake

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