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Villa Artisti, a Wonderful Residence with Marvelous Terraces in Mykonos

By • Jul 7, 2017

Villa Artisti is a beautiful residence which is located in the province of Agari, in Mykonos, the largest city on the Greek island of the same name. Mykonos is a ravishing setting on the island’s southeastern coast, which allows for truly astonishing sunrises, as well as breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea in which it resides. A touch of luxury and sophistication is added to the residence via the addition of a superb infinity pool and a state-of-the-art sound system.

With marvelous terraces made with walls made of stone and others in white, we can enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool. Afterwards, we can take a moment to sit in the comfortable seats outside and enjoy the unique views of the sea; there are few places in the world that offer views as spectacular of the vast horizon as those present on this Greek island.

Terrace with a pool and exterior furniture
Terrace with beautiful views of the sea

The living room sports a number of comfortable couches for the occupants to take a moment’s rest from a day’s work. Its white and traditional kitchen is filled in its entirety by natural light, and its bedrooms—decorated in a style very typical of the region—are almost magical and provoke a great night’s rest under the candlelight. With endless activities and strong romantic atmosphere, Mykonos is the perfect place for those that seek to enjoy a vacation with their partner.

Living room decorated with chairs and couches
White kitchen with a skylight
Bedroom decorated using white
Bedroom decorated with candles and predominantly white
Bedroom decorated with candles and predominantly white

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