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Villa in Which Natural Light is a Constant Element on Each of its Spaces

By Magaly Grosso


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This villa, with an area of 142 square meters and whose purpose was to be used as a space to share with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere, is located in Iran. It was redesigned in 2015 by the architectural firm ZAV Architects under the leadership of Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Fateme Rezaie Fakhr-e-Astane and Soroosh Majidi.

External view of the construction

The project was defined with some main strategies: rehabilitate the villa with technology and local workforce while also maintaining the existing structure, integrate the open and closed spaces as much as possible, with the flow of air from the garden to the most intimate spaces of the villa. Apart from all this, it was important to incorporate shades and colors into the geometry of the villa.

View of the terrace with tall trees that provide shade
Front view
Facade with glass windows with colors that reflect in the interior

Interior with large rotating window
Entrance to the kitchen

The interior of the villa was designed entirely in white, imitating the sensations of a temple that reinterprets some of the Iranian architectural principles.

The building consists of three interrelated spaces on two levels. The entrance on the north side of the villa leads to an open space full of light and shadows.

The ground floor rises through a staircase to the space where there are two wide steps that function as resting platforms, on which one can lie down and spend some time relaxing.

Living room area with sloping ceilings
Interior with stained glass windows
Reflection of the colored crystals inside

Simple kitchen
Dining room in rustic style wood
External night view

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