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Wonderful and Comfortable Annex from where you Can Enjoy the Surrounding Natural Landscape

By • Dec 19, 2017

This project has been designed by Christian Ambos, Michael Anhammer and Harald Höller, part of the team at the architectural firm Franz&Sue, and it is located in Austria. It covers an area of 215 square meters and was completed in 2016.

View of the garden with wooden floors
Modern interior with wooden floors and glass walls

In the 1930s, few people could afford a basement, let alone a garage, so they built their own sheds to store wood, raise rabbits, or boil clothes. In recent decades, these structures have lost their original purpose and many are falling apart. When turned into small and cozy “hiding places,” however, they become magical and affordable retreats for families and their guests.

Stairs that go up to the attic
Comfortable studio corner filled with natural light

The walls were covered with varnished gray fir panels, and a raised section in the back was upholstered so that the attic could also be used as a guest room. An elegant bronze trapdoor closes this enchanted place, from where you can watch the squirrels play in the treetops and enjoy the wonderful surrounding natural landscape from the comfort of the interior.

Playground with exterior views
Garden gently lit at night hours

The ground floor is used to store garden tools, the lawnmower, and fruit boxes, while the upper floor is cozy and very comfortable.

The spotlights that illuminate it at night create a warm atmosphere, even in the cold of winter.

The attic is ventilated through an existing window and small vents installed on the sides.

Night view of the construction

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