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Wonderful Family Refuge in a Rural Area of Portugal

By Magaly Grosso


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This house is the weekend refuge of a family of four, although they are thinking of making it their main residence in the near future. It is located in the town of Corroios, Portugal, on the top of a gentle slope and surrounded by wild vegetation.

Exterior view of the house and the surrounding landscape
Front view of the house among the wild vegetation

In 2015, the architectural firm CSAA, led by its professionals Sofia Saraiva and Vasco Cabral, got down to work and designed this fabulous residence that today has three well-defined functional areas, a social area, a service area and a private area. All of this was aptly designed to fit within a 240 square meter space.

Terrace and garden with swimming pool surrounded by landscapes

Modern construction in the shape of “L”
Exterior view of beautiful natural landscapes

In terms of concept, it was intended to create a home with urban interior features and finishes, which could be integrated into the rural and more traditional context of the rural area in which it is located.

Designed to be a single-story dwelling, it allows a calm and serene coexistence with the environment in which it is located, and which is derived from the privileged relationship between the interior and the exterior.

The L-shaped volumetric arrangement allows the separation of outdoor areas, organizing it according to the degree of privacy desired in the house.

On the east side of the house, next to the entrance, from the outside, a covered area was created leading up to the home. This allows the parking of cars and, because it is a more exposed area, it has a less private feeling to it.

Main entrance with modern wooden door
Internal view of the living-dining-kitchen area
Living room with gray sofa and modern fireplace
Views of the surroundings through the glass doors of the lounge
Interior corridor leading to the bedrooms
View of the external landscape through the glass window
Night view of the Main entrance
Night view of the Main facade
Night view of the pool area
Night view of the house and its natural environment

Night view of the house

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