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Wonderful Residence Filled With Natural Light Year-Round

By Magaly Grosso


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Carlton Terrace is a private residence designed by Windust Architects x Interiors, an architectural firm based in South Melbourne, Australia. The home, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, covers a total ground area of just a little over 200 square meters, and was completed in 2017. It is located, as its name suggests, in Carlton, an inner-northern suburb of Melbourne, Australia, immediately adjoining Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Frontal view of terrace with wooden floors
View of the modern building in black metal and glass

The owners wished to have a home full of spaces filled with natural light, which would feel fresh all throughout the year, and which would visually connect with the property’s surroundings. The home is surrounded by terrace homes set close together, creating a sense of community from the beginning. These homes, however, are both narrow in width and short in depth, which made the owners’ desires to have a home that expanded in a more vertical manner create an obstacle that the architects needed to overcome.

/ Details of the modern construction
View of details of the construction materials
Modern and light filled living room area
Living room area with views of the terrace
Modern and spacious kitchen in light colors

Windust Architects focused on creating an open plan ground floor that would feel light and airy, with a visually continuous space. The upper level was created in a more functional manner, in conflict with a property adjacent to the home in its south side, as it blocked its flow of sunlight.  This upper level is almost sculptural, with flat panels organized into a grid pattern coming together to create a modern façade.

Modern dining room with glass table
Bedroom with fireplace and retro style tables
Modern bathroom with mirror walls
Modern bathroom with shower and bathtub
Elegant bathroom with bathtub in gray tones
View of the modern building
Terrace with wooden floors

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