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A Wooden Home surrounded by a forest in Pomfret, Vermont

By • Dec 14, 2017

This guesthouse, located in Pomfret, Vermont, combines a rustic woodshed architecture with a contemporary design in order to create a space that is comfortable and rustic at the same time. Designed and built by Richmond-based design-build firm Birdseye Architecture, it is surrounded by a forest of tall trees that give it both shade and intimacy.

View of the cabin through the white snow
View of the cabin through the green vegetation

During the winter, the beautiful landscape is covered by a blanket of white, worthy of a postcard. For the remainder of the year, it’s filled with an intense shade of green that creates a pleasant environment for the homeowners to view. In its exterior, the raw wood spans across its walls, giving it an enchanting Tuscan touch that contrasts with the modern furniture used on its terraces. Next to these pieces of furniture, a stone chimney dispenses heat and makes the stay a comfortable one.

Terrace with a stone chimney

In its interior, with a welcoming warmth to it, we find a living room perfectly illuminated by the light that flows through its clear windows. Its proximity to the heat of the modern chimney offers a moment’s relaxation.

Many of its internal walls are also made of raw wood, which reminds us of the beautiful scenery outside. At night, the home’s light seeps out and provides luminosity for the terraces, where people sit and enjoy their friends’ and family’s company.

Living room with a modern chimney and views to the landscape
Hallway with wooden walls
In the exterior, with walls of wooden slats
Nocturnal view of the exterior

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